Pandemic HR Advice for Business Owners

Learn how to manage the impact of coronavirus on your workforce with free guides to download and use straight away. And for instant advice? Book your complimentary call with one of our HR and health & safety experts now.

COVID Employer Advice Guides

Our team of health and safety experts are happy to share their knowledge through these free download guides.


An Employer Guide on Returning to Work During COVID-19

Work Refusal Guide during COVID 

Recalling Staff During COVID

Alberta - Bill32 Employers Guide





COVID Health & safety documents

Find out how to manage coronavirus issues in the workplace and get answers to your pressing questions with your coronavirus advice sheet and Q&A.

Then, use your workplace checklist to help you take steps to protect your business.  

Coronavirus advice sheet and Q&A (pdf)

Fact sheet: Government help for smb's (pdf) 

My workplace checklist (pdf)

Remote Working Policy (word doc)

Advice on how to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus (pdf)

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