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We are a dedicated team of HR and health and safety advisors, offering employer resources to thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses. Simply put, we are an alternative solution to an in-house human resources team – one that’s affordable, that is. At Peninsula, we provide comprehensive around-the-clock HR and health and safety support that’s custom-tailored to your business. Our clients also receive immediate access to legal advice from Caravel Law, as a result of our exclusive relationship with the firm. We want to ensure our clients get the full compliance protection package because our commitment is to enable small businesses to benefit from the same expertise that bigger organizations have in place. Our dedication is to help you to grow and succeed. That is our business model.

Peninsula is the big company backup that’s right at your fingertips. We’ve got you covered.


Resources that are custom-tailored to your business.

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Speak to an expert

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Peninsula provides extra support that makes all the difference. Their on-site visit was professional, efficient, and an overall great experience. The information on HR was comprehensive and broken down really well. I couldn't recommend Peninsula more.

Stewart Reid