Health & safety services

Crafted for UK businesses, our health & safety services protect your people, your property, and you.

Our service includes

On-site compliance visits

Risk assessments

Health & safety software

24 hour advice

Health & safety management made easy

With Peninsula, you get everything you need to protect your staff and keep your business on the right side of health & safety laws.

It’s a complete package of workplace health & safety services to reduce your risk and free you from worry. And the best part?

It gives you the freedom to spend less time on health & safety and more time making your business a success.

Find out how to enjoy total health & safety support for your business. Read on or speak to an expert today on 0800 028 2420

Enjoy a suite of health & safety management services

Leave your health & safety with us. We take care of everything…

On-site audits. Find out how to remove risks and hazards with an in-person visit. 24-hour health & safety advice service. Get answers to any health & safety question, at any time.
Risk assessment support. The easy way to create a workplace risk assessment. Expert policies, written for you. Save time and protect staff with your professional health & safety docs.
Annual reviews. Keep your business safe with an in-depth yearly review. Online health & safety management software. Get everything you need to manage health & safety in one place.
Inspections. Prepare to pass HSE and local hygiene spot checks. eLearning. Boost your skills and keep staff up to date with exclusive CPD-accredited courses.
ISO support. We help you become ISO qualified and meet all the latest standards. Optional health & safety legal insurance.Protect yourself from accident and injury claims, just in case.
DSE risks. Protect staff with clear guidance on how to use equipment safely. Fire safety. Reduce fire risks and protect your people.
Bacteria risks. Rid your workplace from common bacteria like Legionella. Asbestos advice. We create an asbestos management plan on your behalf.

Trusted health & safety services, nationwide

We offer our health & safety services across the UK.

So, whether you run a law firm in London or a bakery in Birmingham, you always have access to expert health & safety support services.

Plus, our consultants are members of either the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

Which means you can rely on them for practical, jargon-free support whenever you need it.

That’s why thousands of UK employers trust Peninsula health & safety experts to keep them productive, profitable, and safe. And we can do the same for you, too.

Get expert support from one of our consultants today.

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