Employment contracts & documentation services

Your staff contracts, policies, handbooks and more written for you by a team of HR and employment law experts

Our service includes

24-hour client advice line

Legal support & insurance

Online HR software

On-site HR support

Your employees need contracts

So we write your statement of main terms and conditions for you….

And we create your company handbook, your disciplinary policy, your grievance policy and even your holiday forms, too.

It’s the easy way to get the documents you need to meet UK laws and run a successful small business.

That’s why 33,753 business leaders across the UK rely on Peninsula to make it easy to manage their staff. Let us do the same for you. Speak to an employee contract expert on 0800 028 2420

Business documentation services

With our business document writing services, you get all your documents for all your people.

That’s your full-time staff, part-time staff, and seasonal staff. Your home workers, overseas workers, and zero-hour contract workers. Your interns, your graduates, and your work experience students.

So when you hire new staff, you don’t have to spend time crafting contracts, creating T&Cs or studying employment law.

With our employee contract help, you're free to get on with growing your small business.

It doesn’t stop at contracts

We provide policies, templates and employee stationery, too—from your essential business processes to the forms you need to cut down on day-to-day admin. That includes:

  • Disciplinary policy
  • Redundancy process
  • Grievance procedure
  • Company handbook
  • Recruitment forms
  • Staff appraisal forms
  • Return to work forms
  • Exit interview forms
  • Holiday request forms
  • Parental leave records

Plus, you get access to a 24/7 helpline staffed by employment contract consultants. So when you need to update your documents, call any time and get fast employment contract legal advice.

Find out how to get professional contracts and documents for your staff. Call 0800 028 2420 or request a callback.

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