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These are costs you can easily avoid with Peninsula
Think of the time you'd free up, the stress you'd avoid, and the money you'd save that you can put back into your business.
You could hire someone full-time, but that is expensive…
The annual salary for an HR Manager is upwards of £50,600.
And, you'll have to pay upwards of £46,000. for a Health & Safety Manager, or high hourly rates for ad-hoc, external guidance.

HR Services

  • Spends 636 hours every year just ‘keeping on top of things’.

  • Loses on average 7.8 days per employee per year, and £1,093 through lateness & absence.

  • Will lose staff at a rate of 15% per year, costing £11,000 to replace each employee .

  • Pays £1,500 to draft employee paperwork – with updates costing extra.

  • Pays £25,000 per year on general HR, admin and paperwork.

  • Faces, on average, employment law tribunal once every 4 years.

  • Pays on average £3,165 for a work-related back pain, civil claim.

  • Faces Health & Safety instant fines (Fee for Intervention) of £2,040 for not having completed and up-to-date training records.

When you get professional HR and health & safety support, you:

  • Reduce salary costs you don’t need to spend.

  • Save on high hourly fees for external advice or representation.

  • Reduce the cost and disruption of staff turnover & keep your best employees.

  • Protect your brand and your business and ensure HSE compliance.

  • Enjoy peace of mind and have more time, funds, & focus to grow your business.

Peninsula UK

HR Services

Let Peninsula boost your bottom line
Our service costs a fraction of that, and with Peninsula, you’re getting a full team of HR and health & safety experts 24/7, not just one. We provide:
  • Documentation

    Full HR and Health & Safety tailored documentation, support, software, and protection so you can avoid the high cost of an internal team.

  • 24-hour HR advice

    Instant access to 24/7 advice – with calls answered in 8 seconds, to save your time researching online or paying hourly rates for external support. And you can call our advisors as often as you like.

  • Legal representation

    Legal representation and protection for your business with our Peninsula Tribunal Navigator. We have helped our clients avoid up to £42,000,000 in legal fees arising from claims and have a 80% success rate of reducing or negating awards.

  • HR Software

    Smart software that transforms your absence, lateness and holiday tracking, shift planning, and gives FREE perks to your staff, at no extra cost.

Put your mind at ease when it comes to HR and workplace safety. Outsource your needs to Peninsula. We’ll keep your business compliant and efficient, all the while ensuring you have the support you need.