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On-site compliance visits

Risk assessments

Written policies

24/7 Advice

Staying open means staying safe

Maintaining a safe workplace can be hard when health & safety rules are so complex and confusing.

These laws are set by each province. While they have things in common across the country, there’s enough differences to make compliance difficult. Trying to figure out the rules ­can be puzzling, expensive, and time-consuming.


The cost of non-compliance

It’s your job to ensure your employees, work areas, and equipment are safe. That proper conduct is followed. And that you are ready for a surprise inspection. Making your business compliant is hard enough without keeping up-to-date with new legislation. Or worse, finding a lawyer that’s in your budget.

And if you fail to follow the rules, it’ll cost big fines and can lead to prosecution.

Making safety easy so you can get back to work

With Peninsula by your side, you’ll have expert advisors to help you navigate the rules. Let us help make your business compliant without large expenses or the fear of fines.

Enjoy a smooth support system that keeps your employees safe while boosting performance. Peninsula makes the hard business of health & safety easy with:

  • Health & safety audits to keep your business compliant
  • Unlimited advice through our 24-hour line
  • Tailored documentation specific to your business
  • On-site visits from our qualified health & safety experts

Get started today

As your health & safety partner we’ll ensure your business thrives. That your staff is taking proactive steps when it comes to health & safety. And that you are focusing on your business’s success.

Making the hard task of compliance simple, manageable and affordable is our job. Let’s see if we can help your business. Give us a call at 1 (833) 247-3652 or click the button below. 

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