Online Stress Coaching

Statistically, over 50% of sickness absence is as a result of stress both in the workplace and in the home. Companies often rely on their EAP to provide an outlet for employees who need support through a stressful period. However, symptoms of stress often go undetected until it is too late, and many sufferers of stress related absence have never telephoned the help lines or received counselling.

Part of Peninsula’s health assured Employee Assistance Programme, the Online Stress Audit tool allows employees to enter their personal history and asks a range of questions. It will then produce clear reports on their levels of stress at work; however, this is more than just an online stress assessment. A stress audit will also advise on which EAP services may be beneficial to employees, and provide advice on how to face their problems.

Why invest in managing stress?

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that all aspects of employee wellbeing – from health & safety at work to fair wages – are taken care of. However, when it comes to work related stress, it’s up to you. Businesses are not legally bound to manage stress levels, or help employees in dealing with stress. However, it’s quite likely that they’ll see some real rewards if they do.

Of course, catching stress symptoms early on and nipping problems in the bud could prevent a severe case of stress later on. Furthermore, reducing stress will inevitably lead to reducing absences, as stress contributes directly and indirectly to many illnesses and periods of sick leave. Finally, taking a proactive and personal approach to managing stress among your employees could lead to greater respect and loyalty in your workforce; you tend to reap what you sow when it comes to investing in people, and that is the intention at the core of the EAP.

What does the EAP stress audit include?

  • Regular stress assessment to find which employees are at risk of developing stress, and any who are already displaying symptoms.
  • Access to employee helplines for advice on any personal problems.
  • Proactive intervention on the first day of stress related absence.
  • Up to 8 sessions of face-to-face counselling with a stress coaching expert.
  • Advice for the employer on managing stress in their workplace, from workloads and policies to working environments.
  • Advice for employers regarding stress, sick pay, long term leave, or in extreme cases, dealing with an employment tribunal.

Peninsula’s Employee Assistance Programme is endorsed by the Stress Management Society. There has never been a simpler or more comprehensive way to combat work related stress and help employees in coping with stress.

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