HR Services

The bigger your company, the more time and effort you need to invest in HR management. Ensuring your business is legally compliant can put a strain on your HR department. Fortunately, Peninsula’s HR outsourcing services are here to help.

Our service includes

Contracts & documentation

HR software

24 hour HR advice

Legal representation

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

Everyone knows a company needs an internal HR presence. Managing organisational development and business growth strategy is most effective when done from within.

It’s also important that the HR department is approachable. After all, fostering strong employer-employee relations is crucial to any business. Peninsula’s HR outsourcing solutions are designed to work alongside your existing HR department, complementing and supporting them where needed.

Peninsula HR outsourcing makes your business efficient and legally compliant by taking care of routine issues, including:

  • Monitoring holidays and absences
  • Software for easy fire risk assessment
  • Advice and guidance on employment law and health & safety
  • Arranging a health & safety review and implementing an effective safety policy
  • Dealing with accidents, incidents and inspections
  • Bespoke employment documentation and contracts available to print at any time
  • Performance audits and reviews
  • Online tracking of deadlines and responsibilities

Expert HR advice

Furthermore, there is a 24-hour advice line offering employment law advice for employers. This enables HR managers to get instant, tailored advice from an employment law expert, whether it’s about handling discipline, discrimination and positive action or retirement issues.

Finally, Peninsula clients are kept informed of any impending changes to legislation and advised on how to adapt.

Managing employee wellbeing

Of course, one of the most important areas of HR is ensuring employee wellbeing. Therefore, a key part of Peninsula’s HR outsourcing service is the health-assured Employee Assistance Programme.

Offering online health and stress checks for employees, face-to-face counselling and advice helplines, it aims to reduce absences by reducing stress, ultimately improving efficiency. Most importantly, however, the EAP shows employees that the business has their best interests at heart.

What HR software does Peninsula provide?

  • EmployWise – Submit a query to the Peninsula employment law advice service whenever necessary. Download and print bespoke employment documentation including contracts and visitor book templates. The Absence Management HR software allows authorised users to keep track of all holidays, sick leave and other absences in one convenient database. Any problems or patterns are then compiled into management reports.
  • SafetyWise – The Responsibilities Planner alerts the designated person when they have an upcoming health and safety deadline to meet. This health and safety software also includes a library of guidance notes and advice. Paperwork and checklists can be downloaded, while the fire risk assessment software makes light work of a notoriously complicated task.
  • TaxWise – Peninsula clients can gain access to bespoke, expert tax advice whenever needed. Furthermore, the TaxWise administration tool facilitates the management of claims, fees and invoices.

As a Peninsula client, you will also be provided with the latest news relating to employment law, ensuring you’re ready for any new legislation that could affect you.

The 24-hour expert employment law advice line is also open to all clients for urgent HR queries.

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