Corporate Social Responsibility


As a responsible provider of professional services we believe that the long-term future of the Peninsula Group of Companies is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: employees, partners, clients, suppliers and the wider community. We look actively for opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of the local community and society as a whole. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy sets out the principles we follow and the programmes we have developed to focus on the areas where we have significant impact or influence.


1) Basic standards of conduct

We will conduct our business with openness and integrity. We will not make promises above those which we reasonably foresee we can deliver. We will not offer, give, seek or receive, either directly or indirectly, inducements or other improper advantages for business or financial gain and no employee may offer, seek, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or could be, construed as such. Our Anti-Bribery policy provides more information on our stance in this regard.

2) Respect

The business, and its employees, will work within a robust environment of mutual trust and respect. This includes, but is not limited to, respect for colleagues, contractors, suppliers and clients.

3) Honesty and accountability

We will communicate our policies, objectives and performance openly and honestly to our employees and to others with an interest in our activities, including clients and suppliers. We will encourage them to communicate with us and will seek their views.

4) Sustainable progress

We are committed to improving our performance. We will take into account technical developments, changing scientific evidence, costs and client concerns and expectations in the development and implementation of all new social and environmental policies and procedures.

5) Demonstrable compliance

As a minimum, we will meet or exceed all relevant legislation. Where no legislation exists we will seek to develop and implement our own appropriate standards.

6) Investment in Employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to be a responsible employer by creating an environment that gives employees the desire and ability to flourish. We place great importance on professional and personal development and we are eager to provide employees with the tools to succeed. We are a meritocracy and are keen to promote from within.


1) Environment

We will take all reasonable steps to manage our operations so as to minimise our environmental impact and to promote good environmental practice. We will set and follow high standards in energy efficiency and safety. We will continue to promote responsible and sustainable methods of energy efficiency; and review regularly our business practices and performance to identify how we can improve our energy efficiency, minimise packaging and reduce water usage, waste disposal and air emissions.

2) Relationships

We will conduct our business relationships with integrity and courtesy. We are committed to offering our clients the highest possible standards of service. In so doing we are pleased to support the Financial Conduct Authority initiative ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ (TCF). We recognise that both we and our clients have everything to gain if we look after your best interests and treat you fairly in all aspects of our dealings with you. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients and our suppliers.

3) Communities

We will build relationships with our clients, suppliers and the local community and consider our impact on the local community. Our chosen charity is Destination Florida, who are a children’s charity based in the North West of England, to whom our Managing Director acts as a Trustee. Destination Florida specialises in organizing sunshine holidays to Florida for children between the ages of seven and fifteen who have missed out on the fun and laughter of childhood due to severe illness. Further details can be found at

Our partnership with Salford University allows us to work together to support the development of research, training, and projects of joint interest. We provide practical opportunities for students to undertake as part of their programme to enhance their employability and to collaboratively establish a framework that can be a reusable model, not only across Peninsula’s business requirements but that of Peninsula’s suppliers and clients.

To further enhance our involvement with the local community we are delighted to partner with Salford City Football Club a local success story. A major goal is to build on our contribution to the local community at grassroots level. As part of our long-term commitment to the area, we will work with Salford City FC to engage with the people of Salford on a wide range of opportunities.

We provide telephone support annually for Comic and Sports Relief where our Staff volunteer to take calls on their behalf and raise much needed funds for the Charities.

4) Employees

We promote equality and consider interests of our employees including their welfare, mental health and health and safety. Our ultimate aim is the happiness of our employees through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business.

5) Assisting Local Employment

Our award winning Employment Consultancy apprenticeship scheme offers young local individuals the opportunity to study towards a qualification whilst getting the invaluable experience of our own internal training and the support and training of our external partners, Salford University. Several individuals who have completed apprenticeships within our organisation have been offered permanent employment. In addition to this we offer graduates the opportunity to become Employment Law/HR Advisors and join our Advisory Teams in Manchester, Glasgow, Hinckley and Dublin for which we have won six top awards. In total we have given employment to over 100 graduates and apprentices since 2015.

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