Want to reduce workplace absences by 45%?

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Gavin Scarr-Hall - Director of Health & Safety at Peninsula

Gavin Scarr Hall, Director of Health and Safety

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So, you want to reduce absences in your workplace? Well, this is one of the many benefits of having an employee assistance programme (EAP).

With rising cost of living, people are more anxious than ever. By having an EAP, you can provide your staff with the wellbeing tools they need to overcome their greatest life challenges. So, they can feel better in themselves inside and outside of work.

And to top it off, it’s International Week of Happiness at Work. Which serves as a reminder to employers that staff who feel supported are more likely to stay productive and loyal in the long run.

Not sure how an EAP can benefit your business? Well, it can help you to…

Reduce absences

Staff absences are a huge financial drain to a business.

Your workers might need time off for their mental health, especially if they’re having therapy. But when you have an EAP service, companies can reduce mental health-related absences by almost 50%.

Why is EAP so effective? It provides medical support for staff who are struggling. They don’t need to book a doctor’s appointment or find help elsewhere – it’s free and readily available to them.

So, you not only help staff feel supported, you also help them save on their costs. As a result, your staff may not feel the need to take as much time off. There’s support available to them in their own time and at work, so they never have to struggle alone.

Save time and resources

Third-party professionals will manage your EAP service.

So, you’re able to take care of your staff without having to do anything. You don’t have to use your own resources, helping you cut back on expenses and time.

You have peace of mind knowing experts are looking out for your workers. Meanwhile, you can look after your business.

Boost morale

If you want to create a strong workforce, you need to keep your staff happy. Providing easy and free access to professional help can build greater workplace harmony, morale and efficiency amongst your workforce.

Sometimes, your workers might have a disagreement. And if issues are left unresolved, they might create a breakdown in communication and lower the team spirit. An EAP service can help prevent this outcome by providing dispute resolution tips to help these working relationships get back on track.

Another example might be if your employee has lost a loved one. If they’re struggling to cope with grief, they might need to speak to a professional. With EAP, they have access to a counselling service to get help with managing how they’re feeling.

Whatever your staff need, EAP provides readily available support 24/7. And if your staff are happy and getting what they need from you, they’re more likely to stay and progress, rather than look elsewhere.

Boost productivity

If staff are struggling with personal issues like mental health or family problems, you might see a dip in their productivity. If marital problems or worries over childcare are distracting your workers, they may struggle to focus on tasks at work.

An EAP allows staff to get professional help for issues that might be taking up their headspace throughout the day. And with expert support, they’re likely to feel more able to concentrate on work responsibilities and important deadlines.

Reduce accidents

If staff are experiencing stress and fatigue, there’s a greater risk of them having accidents at work. Stress can make it difficult for people to concentrate. It's physically and mentally debilitating – which is dangerous in a work environment, particularly a high-risk one where staff might need to operate machinery.

By prioritising staff wellbeing with an EAP service, your workers have access to constant support and advice, helping to keep them physically and mentally well. Which helps reduce the overall risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace.

Let the experts look after your staff, while you look after your business

Provide unlimited wellbeing support to your staff with Peninsula’s EAP service. Delivered by UK-based experts, this is a 100% confidential service your staff can access 24/7 - and they get it totally free.

This support includes:

  • face-to-face counselling – staff can chat face to face with a professional counsellor
  • a 24-hour helpline – staff can call this line any time of day to speak to someone about their issues 
  • online tools – staff can access a host of online self-help resources whenever and wherever

Help your staff deliver their best when they feel at their best. And when you support staff, you enjoy a happier and more committed workforce.

Find out more about EAP here or if you’d like to speak to an adviser, get free advice by calling us on 0800 029 4384.

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