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We all remember that first day at a new job. You arrive promptly with a mix of emotions ranging from nervous anticipation to jubilant excitement as you begin a new chapter in your professional journey. Whether a new employee is filled with confidence or a nervous wreck, starting at a new company and meeting a fresh group of people can be rather daunting, as they strive to make the best first impression. As the employer, your focus for new starters should be about easing them into the company culture, making them feel welcomed and comfortable in joining your organisation. It is common for organisations of all sizes to overlook the importance of integrating new employees into the company, as for existing company members it’s like every other day at the office, with an increasing load of tasks to complete and impending deadlines. Despite this, an employee’s induction to the company should not be cold, clinical and disengaged. Employers and existing employees should ensure that the process is informative and considered, as you too need to create the right first impression, which will dictate whether the employee remains happy and loyal in the long-term. Developing a strategy to welcome new employees is of the upmost importance. Start by thinking about what made your first day better or what could have been done to improve it. Try getting the department they will be working with together to discuss and devise a detailed plan of what the employee will need to know and how best to relay the information without overloading them. This may include what tasks they should be given on the first day/week and how this will progress moving forward. Helping a new starter feel welcomed and valued can be facilitated further by immersing them into the company culture from day one. Work collaboratively with the employee to develop a personal plan of what they would like to accomplish and how the company can help them get there. Be sure to ask them to relay any ideas they may have or to make a point of coming forward with suggestions as they become more settled. This will help boost their confidence, whilst providing the company with much needed fresh insight. Being the new kid on the block can often feel quite isolating, especially when you see the strength of pre-existing relationships within the workplace. With this in mind, providing new employees with a supportive network who they can seek guidance from regarding work or personal issues will make all the difference. Implementing a buddy system is probably the most effective way to achieve this. The buddy in-effect will act as their portal into the workplace, showing them the ropes, who they can contact for different things and providing social access into the workplace. Whilst one person may take this role, employers should encourage other members of staff to actively engage with the new starter also. Taking the time to integrate new employees into the workplace is neither time consuming or expensive. Knowing that they have support and guidance at the start and throughout their time with your company will enable any new employee to thrive and perform at their best. Not only is this great for them, but the company will gain a valuable, loyal and productive employee. For more advice on this issue, please contact the Health Assured on 0808 278 073.


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