Legal expenses insurance

Protect your small business for as much as £2 million against claims of unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination with our optional legal expenses insurance for employers

Employment legal protection insurance

With Peninsula’s optional insurance for employers, you’re protected against two of the worst claims that you can face:

Unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination.

Because, when you follow our advice and T&Cs, your commercial legal protection could cover all your costs for as much as £2 million. Even if you lose your case. 

It’s an extra layer of protection for your business. And, more importantly, it’s freedom from worry.

Where your cover protects you

Our legal expense insurance covers you for employment tribunals, employment appeal tribunals, High Court cases, and Civil Court cases. For full details, download our Irwell Insurance PolicyIPID, Irwell Privacy Policy, and our Treating Customers Fairly Policy

Insurance is just one line of defence against a tribunal claim. Because you also get tribunal representation as standard with your Peninsula package. And that includes:    

  • An HR expert to handle your staff dispute.
  • An employment law specialist to craft your case.
  • A legal professional to defend you on the day and give you the best chance of success.

Speak to an expert about getting legal protection insurance and tribunal support today. Call 0800 028 2420.

Total HR support

Peninsula offers so much more than commercial legal insurance. Because from day one, you get total HR & employment law support.

We write contracts for your staff. We create policies for your business. And we guide you through your toughest employee challenges, from hiring new workers to making redundancies.

So, you’re protected from tribunals, freed from admin, and shielded from stress—all year round.  

Find out more. Call 0800 028 2420 or request a callback.

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