Health & safety risk assessment

09 July 2019

Health and safety in the workplace is an extremely important consideration for an employer, ensuring that your employees remain safe at work and protecting yourself from potentially damaging claims. Peninsula can provide your business with a health & safety risk assessment to ensure you are meeting and surpassing all required health & safety guidelines. With a great deal of experience in all areas of employment law, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when putting your business in our hands. Any health or safety failure which leads to an employee sustaining an injury is likely to result in a claim for compensation being made against the company, something which has the potential to be devastating for the success of the business.

Identifying health & safety risks

Depending on the nature of your business, the type of health & safety risks and the severity of these issues will differ greatly. In the traditional office environment slips, trips or falls will generally be the main concern, however in situations where machinery is operated the potential dangers are far more severe. It is utterly essential that all machinery is regularly tested to ensure it is working correctly, as well as making sure that all staff that operate such machines are fully trained and competent. Peninsula’s health & safety risk assessment can ensure that your workers are not being placed at risk by unsafe machinery. Dealing with workplace stress is also an important considering for health & safety, which may sometimes be forgotten. While preventing staff from physical injury is highly important, it is just as vital to ensure their mental wellbeing is protected. Workplace stress is more difficult to recognise than other potential hazards, meaning your company should always ensure that policies and procedures are in place to support affected employees.

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