Good month & bad month

Peninsula Team

September 04 2017

Good month for Ikea… Scandinavian chain Ikea has announced it will give all of its 10,400 retail staff in the UK at least one weekend off in every four. The initiative is aiming to provide employees with an improved work-life balance and to ensure fairness and equality for all employees regardless of their department, team or seniority. The initiative is part of the organisation’s Global Ikea Employment Standards strategy. It was introduced to increase employee satisfaction and will join Ikea UK’s current benefits offering. This includes a pension, an annual bonus, and a commitment to pay all employees the voluntary living wage or above. Bad month for McDonalds… Fast-food giant McDonalds has experienced its first strike on British soil after workers at their Cambridge and Crayford restaurants backed a call for industrial action, in protest of zero-hour contracts and poor working conditions. The start of the two-day strike coincided with the US Labor Day holiday (4th September 2017), as part of an effort to organise more action by Mcdonalds workers in solidarity around the world. The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) who represent the employees said the staff were demanding a wage of at least £10 per hour, more secure working hours and the right to form a trade union as employees of the company.

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