That day, the first day I signed, I stayed awake till 2am and called them. It took less than 10 seconds for the call to be answered


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The Cora chain of restaurants has been serving breakfast and lunch to Canadians for 35 years now. Its simple and cheery brand logo of a smiling sun has become synonymous with colourful and healthy food. What started as a small diner in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent district by Cora Tsouflidou in 1987, has today grown into a Canada-wide franchise with over 125 restaurants.  

The Cora Breakfast and Lunch franchise on Upper James in Hamilton opened in June 2012 and is owned by Nizar Khachik. 

“Cora is a casual restaurant serving excellent breakfast and lunch,” says Nizar. “It is the second largest Canadian chain after Tim Hortons,” he says.  

Cora Hamilton became a Peninsula client in June 2022. 


It was the search for reliable HR advice when handling an issue with an ex-employee that led Nizar to Peninsula. He found the company on Google and called them.  

“Alex from Peninsula came in here in less than an hour. He explained to me what I needed to do at that point. I immediately signed up,” beams Nizar. 

Nizar says he had a hard time believing Peninsula’s employer advice line was available round the clock. “When Alex told me Peninsula offers a 24/7 HR advice line, I thought ok yeah this is a good marketing strategy. That day, the first day I signed, I stayed awake till 2am and called them. It took less than 10 seconds for the call to be answered. The lady who answered asked me if this was a new case or an outstanding case. And I said ‘no, I am just calling to test you guys,” he laughs.

Nizar Khachik.

The Peninsula Service

Nizar says signing up with Peninsula has helped his business save time, money and mitigate risks.

“Over the last two months,” says Nizar, “I called Peninsula probably 7 to 8 times about small things and big stuff. I can tell you from numbers perspective, Peninsula saved me up to $5,000 in consultation.”

But what he values above all is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting the right advice. “Before when I wanted to write a warning letter or something I would spend a day or two and go over it and proofread it. I would keep thinking of it, probably overnight with my wife. No… with Peninsula, that’s it. Whatever they say, this is the professional advice. Don’t need to think of it,” he says.

“When you own a business, there’s a lot to be done. Using Peninsula – first of all – gave me peace of mind. Second, it is giving me energy, time, and resources to focus on how to improve our business, how to market our business, how to deal with other aspects. So, this big part [HR and health & safety management], now it is off my list.

Nizar highly recommends Peninsula to other small and medium businesses. “You know they say no business can survive without an accountant and a lawyer. Well, let me tell you this my friend, your chances of survival – when it comes to HR and health & safety – are 100% if you have Peninsula on your side.”

- Nizar Khachik. / Owner

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