The peace of mind Peninsula provides makes it worth it. We feel secure to be able to grow.

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When it comes to selling a product, packaging is critical. Besides keeping what’s inside safe, packaging is what catches your eye on the aisle. It helps in building the brand image and conveying its messaging. After all, first impressions matter. 

Ontario-based E.B. Box Company has been providing high-quality and 100% recyclable packaging solutions to their clients since 1972.  

“We’re a family-owned business and manufacture packaging for bakeries, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, all kinds of paperboard packaging,” says Shafreen Rajabali, Director of Operations, at E.B. Box Company. 

E.B. Box Company has been a Peninsula client since 2019. 


It was the need to update their employment contracts that led the company to Peninsula, says Shafreen.  

“In the beginning, we were only looking for contracts. We saw a gap in our business and needed it to be filled. We had a [Peninsula] sales rep visit us. He talked to us about how this [using Peninsula’s services] would fill a broader role that was missing – HR support. We looked at a few different companies and decided that Peninsula met our needs.” 

Over time, Shafreen says they’ve realised the benefits of having 24/7 professional HR support. “At the time, we didn’t realize the value of Peninsula’s services. We thought we just needed contracts. But over the long term, having Peninsula’s support helped us grow. We could deal with HR issues easily. We no longer had to Google or figure out what to do in case of an issue.”   

Using Peninsula helped the business save time, money and mitigate potential risks, says Shafreen. “In terms of time, instead of my colleagues or myself looking up rules and regulations we just pick up the phone to call or email Peninsula. I speak to Peninsula more and more as we grow and hire more employees.” 

“In terms of cost savings, we don’t have a full-time HR person so we’re able to utilize Peninsula’s services to fill the needs of that HR person. That’s an entire role that we don’t need to pay for.  And the really important thing that we’ve seen is with litigation costs. We had an issue where we had to get some lawyers involved and Peninsula backed us up fully and there were no costs there.”   

24/7 support

Shafreen says what she enjoys most is using Peninsula’s 24/7 support. “As a business owner, it is sometimes difficult to make these calls during the day when you’re busy doing your 9-to-5 stuff – the day just gets away from you,” says Shafreen.   

“But on the weekends, in the evenings when you have a little down time, when you know something is coming up and you need to talk to someone – it is the best time for me to call and get some answers. So, for me that’s the best feature Peninsula offers.” 

Shafreen Rajabali
Shafreen Rajabali

The Peninsula Service

Peninsula’s services have been a big time-saver and a cost saver, says Shafreen. “You don’t need a full-time HR person; you have this knowledge base at your fingertips 24/7. So, you also have this sort of – I call it – insurance. If something goes wrong, Peninsula has your back. They are going to support you. They are going to put their resources behind you. For me that’s really what you need to be able to make this investment.”

Shafreen says she would recommend Peninsula to other small and medium businesses. “As a small business, you always think about where to put your funds – but the peace of mind Peninsula provides makes it worth it. We feel secure to be able to grow,” she says.

- Shafreen Rajabali / Owner

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