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Incorrect or misfiling of income taxes in Canada and the United States can cost thousands of dollars, but sometimes, the process can be overwhelming. Using the professional services of a chartered accountant can be the difference between receiving tax returns and owing the government money. This is where Hanson Crossborder Tax Professional Corporation comes in. They offer expert tax compliant services and advice to clients in Canada and the US and have been Peninsula clients since 2018.

“We focus on Canadian and US income tax, and we have a staff of about 10 (persons),” says Sharon Conrad, Principal Accountant, at Hanson.

The Challenges

Many companies don’t realize that human resources is a full-time job on its own that requires a dedicated HR team.

“I got an HR certification from York University in 2018 so at this time I was going through and I was actually learning about HR issues and human resource management. And as I was going deeper into the coursework I was panicking because I'm like this is this is a full-time job. This is really serious, you don't want to get behind on this stuff,” says Sharon.

Sharon says they realized during a court case with a former employee that they were in over their heads when it came to proper HR protocols.

“We had just been through an overtime issue with a previous employee, and that was stressful [because] it happened at one of our busiest times – during tax season. Of course, when you're dealing with the court system everything is time and you have to fill out the correct form in the correct manner,” says Sharon.

HR court cases involve filing the appropriate paperwork which can be overwhelming when you don’t have all the answers.

“It was all very stressful, and I said, ‘you know we need some real support here.’ So, it was just perfect timing that we discovered Peninsula around the same time, and they had exactly what we were looking for.”  

Navigating Day-to-Day HR

Peninsula’s 24-hour support became crucial for helping the business navigate its day-to-day HR challenges.

“They [Peninsula] had exactly what we were looking for. It was [available] 24 hours, just call someone if you have an issue whether it’s health and safety related or performance, or you’re hiring or you want to terminate, they were there and they responded very quickly,” says Sharon.

“Everything was documented. They guide you in basically what you needed to do to make sure if something were to happen down the road that you sort of had all your I’s dotted and your T's crossed.”

Sharon’s experience with Peninsula has led her to recommend their services to other business owners.

“Having the experience that we have where we didn't have Peninsula to help us and then we did, it was night and day. I want to help my peers and friends avoid some of those nightmares and sleepless nights.

Peninsula’s HR service not only helped the business save time and money, but has also provided them with peace of mind.

Sharon Conrad

“Not only did using Peninsula’s services free up our time to do what we do best; our stress levels went down considerably because we knew that we had people who knew what they were doing,” she says.

- Sharon Conrad / Principal Accountant

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