Hiring Seasonal Workers for the Holidays

Kiljon Shukullari

November 22 2019

Hiring temporary employees may be a necessity for some businesses, whether its around holiday time or for an entire season. Golf courses, ski resorts and retail businesses have peak times throughout the year that require more staff than other periods. Here’s what employers should know about hiring seasonal staff for busier times of the year.

Temporary Vs. Permanent Employees

Temporary employees are hired for a certain amount of time, knowing they will be dismissed at the end of the employment period. Permanent employees, on the other hand, are hired without a set termination date. Hiring staff for temporary positions ensures the business fulfills its employment needs during the busiest times of the year and doesn’t lose money on paying extra staff when they aren’t needed.

Hiring Seasonal Workers

Businesses should start hiring employees for their peak business season in advance. Job descriptions should detail the requirements of the job and the work schedule. Being upfront about physical requirements, such as heavy lifting, and schedule requirements, such as working late or working many days, will help narrow down applicants. If you are tight on time, recruitment events and group interviews can make the hiring process more efficient.

Retaining Seasonal Staff

Having an employee quit at the busiest time of the year can be stressful and hindering to business operations. There are several means by which you can retain your temporary employees throughout the entire season:

  • Offering an end of season bonus, for example, can be an incentive for employees to stay.
  • Offering loyalty bonuses can also encourage seasonal staff to return year after year, saving you time and resources on training new recruits.
  • Providing creative benefits and perks for your employees will also make your business more competitive and attractive to temporary workers.

Busy times of year can be overwhelming and fast paced for many businesses. To avoid losing employees who quit due to stress or feeling overworked, clearly explain your expectations for the position during the hiring process so they know what they are signing up for. Employees who are prepared for the challenges of seasonal work are less likely to quit mid-way through.

Need advice on employing temporary workers?

Employers have many of the same obligations to temporary workers as they do to permanent employees. To find out more about your responsibilities under labour legislation, speak to our team of HR specialists. Call us today: 1(833)247-3652.

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