Keep Track of Vaccinated Staff with BrightHR’s New Feature

As more Canadians get vaccinated in the coming months, it’ll be important for employers to keep track of immunized employees. Doing so will help you develop return to work plans accordingly. It will also help you implement the necessary health and safety measures for staff who do not wish to get vaccinated or can’t be due to medical reasons.  

Keeping this in mind, we’ve added a new vaccination tracking feature to BrightHR called VaccTrak.

BrightHR, an online staff management software for Peninsula clients, is the perfect tool for managing the unique demands posed by COVID-19 in the workplace.

VaccTrak saves you time and the hassle of paperwork, so that you can focus on growing your business. Here’s how VaccTrak simplifies employee vaccine management for you:

View employee vaccination status online

VaccTrak makes it easy to see who’s vaccinated among your staff and who’s not. All employers need to do is log into BrightHR’s employee hub.

Download the VaccTrak report

Employers can download a VaccTrak report to see which employees have been vaccinated. Employees will key in this information on their end and you won’t need to manually update anything. Simply download the VaccTrak report to get the latest staff vaccination stats.

The report will also provide other details, such as the percentage of inoculated staff in your company, and the date your employees received their final vaccination dose.

A new vaccination date field

We’ve also added a new vaccination date field to the medical information section of an employee’s profile. This will help keep a record of the date an employee received their final vaccination dose.

VaccTrak on the go

Our iOS and Android BrightHR mobile apps have been updated with the new feature. Employers can now view their staff’s COVID-19 vaccination status anytime and from anywhere.

Access our COVID-19 vaccine awareness course

COVID-19 vaccine shots are not going to be mandatory. This means employers can't force their staff to get vaccinated. What employers can and should do is educate their employees on the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine and recommend immunization.

To this end, we've introduced a Coronavirus Vaccine awareness e-learning course in VaccTrak. The course will help employees get answers to common questions about the vaccine and how it works. Employers can easily share it with employees and provide them with the latest guidance on the vaccination process.

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