Here’s How VaccTrak Simplifies Staff Vaccine Management

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Here’s How VaccTrak Simplifies Staff Vaccine Management
Andrew Caldwell

Andrew Caldwell, HR Advisory Manager

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With the highly contagious Delta variant driving a fourth wave across Canada, many provinces have now announced vaccine cards to allow access to selected non-essential services and businesses.

Residents of Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario will have to show proof of vaccination and a valid government ID to get into some events, services, and businesses.

BC and Ontario have set deadlines for October 24th and September 22nd, respectively, for residents to get fully vaccinated. The measures allow for exemptions for people unvaccinated due to medical reasons and those under 12.

These measures will help reduce risk of virus transmission and encourage more people to get the vaccine.

As more Canadians get vaccinated in the weeks ahead, it’ll be important for employers to keep track of immunized staff. Doing so will help implement workplace health and safety measures. It’ll also be useful when accommodations for staff who can’t get vaccinated due to medical reasons.

Vaccine management made easy

To help our clients manage their day-to-day HR operations with ease, we provide an online staff management software called BrightHR.

It is the perfect tool for the remote workplace and to manage the unique demands created by COVID-19. To make staff vaccine management quick and easy, we added a new feature to BrightHR – VaccTrak.

VaccTrak helps employers track the progress of vaccinations in their workplace. It saves you time and the hassle of paperwork, so that you can focus on growing your business. Here’s how VaccTrak simplifies workplace vaccine management:

1. View employee vaccination status online

You can update employee profiles to securely log when they get the COVID-19 vaccine.

2. Download regular reports

Employers can download the VaccTrak report to get the latest staff vaccination stats.

The report also provides details, such as the percentage of inoculated staff in the company, and the date of their final vaccination dose.

3. A vaccination date field

We’ve also added a vaccination date field to the medical information section of an employee’s profile. This helps keep track of the dates your employee received the first and second vaccine doses.

4. The VaccTrak pass

You can issue exclusive VaccTrak e-passes to fully vaccinated employees. These can be saved in their smartphone wallets. The passes provide quick access to proof of vaccination. You can also use these passes to boost the confidence of your customers when they come into your workplace.

5. Access our COVID-19 vaccine awareness course

COVID-19 vaccine shots are not going to be mandatory (except in some critical sectors). This means employers can’t push their staff to get vaccinated. But what you can and should do is educate your employees on the benefits of getting vaccinated.

To this end, we’ve introduced a COVID-19 vaccine awareness course. It’ll help your employees get answers to common and complex questions about the vaccine. You can easily share the course with staff to provide them with the latest guidance on the vaccination process.

VaccTrak also provides employers with professional letter templates to encourage staff to get the jab.

6. Enjoy unlimited document storage

Besides recording proof of vaccination in VaccTrak, you can store any supporting documents and policies in BrightHR’s unlimited cloud-based document storage. Say goodbye to rummaging through filing cabinets to find that one file.

7. VaccTrak on the go

You can access VaccTrak on our BrightHR iOS and Android apps as well. This means you can view the vaccination status of your staff anytime and from anywhere.

Not a BrightHR client yet?

To get more information on how our software can help you manage your business and staff during the pandemic, call us today: 1 (833) 247-3652

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