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Our service includes

Absence & vacation management

Shift planning

Clock in & out system

Unlimited document storage

HR Software that’s Accessible, Affordable, and Easy-to-Navigate

BrightHR makes people management for small businesses affordable. BrightHR is an online portal for managing your services with Peninsula. Our cloud-based platform makes human resources management easy by allowing the ability to track and organize employee absence in the workplace. More than this, BrightHR is a central hub where all your employee records can be filed, with unlimited document storage.

HR Software Made for Small Businesses

More often than not, people are the greatest cost in running a small business. On top of legal obligations, employers are in a competitive market to secure and retain top talent; this means having additional employee benefits put in place, such as, health insurance, education, or recognition programs.

However, employees are also your greatest asset. When managed appropriately, people are the drivers that help your business to grow and succeed. It is important to provide your staff with the proper tools, training, and guidance to carry out their jobs effectively.

For small businesses, the added expense of HR software can be costly; but, it’s worth it. If you want to stay ahead of the game, having HR assistance to handle the employee management side of your business is essential. So, why not invest in people?

Investing in Your People Means Investing in the Growth of Your Business

With Peninsula, the cost of HR software for a small business is minimal. Having access to BrightHR means that all of your people data can be recorded, monitored, and managed in a single place. From sickness to vacation, or extended leaves of absences, you can measure it all. Trend reporting provides intelligent insights into absence patterns and how this impacts your bottom line.

Our online tools are intended to help your business grow in ways, such as:

  • Trend reporting for strategic HR development
  • Secure storage of employee records
  • Legal validation, based on employee files

Simply put, BrightHR is HR assistance to help you build a well-managed and profitable business.

Are you ready to use HR software for your business?

For more information about BrightHR, or how Peninsula can provide your business with HR assistance, call our complimentary employer advice line at 1-833-247–3652. It’s open to your business, 24/7. We’re committed to helping you, at all times.


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