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The software streamlined so many things that were once laborious processes

celsius plumbing

Celsius Plumbing

celsius plumbing
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Michael Cairns owns a plumbing business with 16 staff. While he had big plans for growing his business, he struggled to find enough time beyond day-to-day HR management...

The situation

What should have been small HR tasks took up far too much of Michael’s time.

Jobs like sorting holiday requests, sharing new company procedures, or chasing staff to sign contracts required a lot of effort. Sorting these tasks manually meant a lot of back-and-forth between Michael and his staff.

He also spent too much time managing leave, like checking whether holiday clashes would create staffing issues. And while he grew his business, Michael found that onboarding new recruits was clunky and difficult.

As a result, Michael wasn’t able to spend enough time working on his business – because he was too busy dealing with HR admin.

Even just simple things

... like trying to even look at holiday conflicts – we found that quite difficult to manage before.”

- Michael / Business owner at Celsius Plumbers

The solution

Tired of HR admin, Michael signed up to Peninsula to access Ireland's favourite HR software.

This allowed staff to book leave through an app, instead of requesting it through time-consuming phone calls or lengthy email chains.

It gives Michael instant alerts if multiple staff want to take holiday at the same time. So now, he doesn’t need to try and spot any clashes – he knows straight away when a leave request will leave him short-staffed. This means he can choose whether or not to accept it much faster.

Onboarding new recruits is also simpler, as staff input their own information onto their online account.

Plus, Michael finds it easier to send and share essential documents. If he updates a workplace process, he can simply upload it onto the software for everyone to see – instead of updating everyone’s personal file.

Then, staff can agree to the changes in a click and refer to them whenever they like. Without Michael having to dig out or print off old paperwork…

  • Unlimited and secure storage

    Michael can instantly share important documents with his staff, who can always access them via the software.

  • Onboarding tools

    New recruits can upload essential personal information onto their online file, saving Michael from time-consuming paperwork.

  • Smart technology

    Michael can make faster HR decisions, as his software will flag up any staffing issues before he accepts a request.

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Michael Cairns

“What really attracted us to Peninsula was the technology that you use. With the software, you can make HR decisions really quickly. It just kind of streamlined so many things that were once laborious processes. And it’s just one less thing to worry about.”

- Michael Cairns / Owner of Celsius Plumbers

The outcome

Michael is now able to take a step away from time-draining HR admin.

This allows him to invest more time into building a business he takes pride in, from growing his team with apprentices to keeping them motivated at work.

And his unlimited HR advice helps him find safe and easy ways to that…

With the software, you can make HR decisions really quickly

Even just simple things, like trying to even look at holiday conflicts – we found that quite difficult to manage before. But now, I can make decisions really quickly, like deciding not to authorise time off because that person’s on holiday. And then you can see the dates if you want to change the holiday by a day where there’s not a conflict, so we can authorise it. So, it does make it so much easier, it really does.

- Michael Cairns / Owner of Celsius Plumbing

Lighten your HR workload

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  • Simpler holiday management

  • A reduced HR workload

  • Improved internal processes

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  • The software streamlined so many things that were once laborious processes

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