Here’s what I know: every business has managers, but few have a leader

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

March 10 2022

In business, there’s a clear differentiation between being a leader and a manager. Leaders drive great results from their team by leading by example, while managers delegate and instruct. 

Often, the latter fails to get the best from their team by creating a culture of fear. This makes staff feel burnt-out and undervalued. 

Conversely, a leader creates a positive culture by working alongside their team. 

Being a leader means showing your human side, accepting when you make mistakes, and sharing responsibility for when things go wrong. Pointing the finger at staff can cause a rift that’s hard to repair. 

Managers should recognise the shift away from dictatorship styles of leadership and, instead, collaborate with their teams to reach communal goals. 

Consider shortening your chain of command. How many managers need to pass down your brief before it gets to the right person? 

A lengthy chain of command slows efficiency and stifles success – especially among entry level workers. Multiple layers of management put a wall between yourself and your workforce. 

When staff feel unable to add value, they suffer burnout. That’s because they feel you don’t value their input – so they eventually lose interest in trying to contribute. 

It’s often better to deal with the right employee directly. Alternatively, speak to everyone who needs to be involved from the offset. This creates an ‘open door’ culture, encouraging all staff to come forward with ideas or feedback. 

Plus, a good leader avoids stifling their employees’ potential with micromanagement. Give your staff all the tools and training they need to thrive – and let them get on with the job. 

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