Here’s Why You Need Professional HR Support During Inflation

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Kiljon Shukullari

Kiljon Shukullari, HR Advisory Manager

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While the pandemic seems to be on the decline, the challenges facing small business owners are far from gone.

There is a chronic shortage of skilled workers in various industries, the war in Europe and the demand & supply chains disrupted by the pandemic have led to rampant inflation. Canada’s inflation rate touched 8.1% in June 2022 – the highest in 39 years.

Not only have the prices of goods gone up, but consumers, too, have less disposable income. As food, gas, rent, and transport becomes more expensive, small business owners face the unpleasant choice of having to either absorb the additional costs or pass them on to their customers.

The inflation and labour shortage means employers need to retain talented staff more than ever while also trying to cut costs. Raising salaries in high inflation is not something every business can afford to do.

All these employee management issues require daily HR support and guidance. You may not have the budget to set up an HR department or feel you could justify hiring an HR manager full time, but you need HR advice all the same.

It is important that small business owners have work contracts and clear HR policies on COVID-19, sick leave, employee hiring and onboarding, remote work, temporary layoffs, work refusals, termination, etc.

In this time of crisis, you don’t want to have to deal with legal claims resulting from contract loopholes and absence of key policies.

Instead of trying to manage it all along with running your business, why don’t you leave it to the experts?

What is Peninsula Canada?

Peninsula Canada is an HR and health & safety consulting firm. We serve over 5,000 small businesses across Canada. Our clients receive ongoing updates of their employment contracts, handbooks and policies as legislation evolves. They also enjoy 24/7 access to our employer advice line and are covered by legal assistance. Peninsula also offers HR and health & safety software apps that simplify day-to-day tasks.

Peninsula’s key services

  • HR and employment relations

Peninsula’s team of expert advisors is available round-the-clock to offer HR advice and help you manage any employee management matters that may arise.

  • Health & safety

Keeping up with the changing rules and regulations on provincial health & safety, especially during the pandemic is tough. This is why we provide 24/7 technical support to address every aspect of occupational health and safety.

  • Customized work contracts and documentation

Our HR consultants understand your specific business needs to develop custom-made and watertight policies and documents for you. Our experts will also help you identify any potential issues with your wording or policies.

  • Online HR software

Our clients also benefit from BrightHR, an award-winning smart HR software, that simplifies daily HR tasks. You can use BrightHR for absence management, to log attendance, book vacations and time off, track staff hours, plans schedules, manage payroll, and so much more. It is also available as a smartphone app, so you can do all of the above while on the go.

  • Online health & safety software

BrightSafe is BrightHR’s health & safety management software that provides employers with the tools to keep their workplaces and staff safe.

  • Legal assistance

The Peninsula Protect service feature helps our clients with expert legal representation and support in case of an employment dispute or health & safety investigation.

Sounds good. But are your services affordable?

Absolutely. Our low-cost membership makes our services affordable for businesses of any size. The cost of our services is based on the size of your business, the number of employees, the length of your contract and the service you select.

Here’s what other small business owners like yourself have said:

“If you compare the cost of hiring someone for HR and Health & Safety (and we didn’t need someone full-time) to what Peninsula charges for the number of employees at my company — it is fractional. The fact that Peninsula’s pricing is based on the number of employees in a company is a very good selling feature.” – Kevin Beer, owner and operator, Consortium Mechanical

Read more about Kevin’s experience with Peninsula here.

“To have an onsite HR person dealing with all aspects of HR management is quite costly. But Peninsula’s affordable support is like having an HR department, only off-site.” – Ellen Schaetzle, director of logistics and HR support, Hutton Forest Products

Read more about Ellen’s experience with Peninsula here.

“The legal assistance [the Peninsula Protect service] has been very useful. Knowing that you have such a support in place in case something escalates brings peace of mind. Particularly in an industry like ours, where you have different types of roles: full time, part time, contract staff, salaried staff, volunteers.”- Matt Greenwood, Executive Director, Pickering Football Club (PFC), on Peninsula Protect

Read more about Matt’s experience with Peninsula here.

Do you want to learn more about how Peninsula’s services can benefit your business?

Get expert HR support with Peninsula Canada. Our expert advisors can help you create company policies, and with any HR, health & safety, or employment advice you may need. We’ll streamline your processes, update policies and documentation, and ensure you are compliant with labour laws and protected from litigation.

If you know a business owner who may benefit from our services, you can refer them here and receive a $400 Visa gift card.

To learn more about how our services can benefit your business, call an expert today at 1 (833) 247-3652

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