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Free your time and get back to running your business with the award winning BrightHR software

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HR Software

Absence & vacation management

Clock in & out system

Unlimited document storage

Free yourself up with BrightHR

Canada’s small business owners work hard. They’re spending over 50 hours a week working.  One in five put in over 60 hours. How much of that time is spent on paperwork instead of bettering their companies?

When it comes to your business, wouldn’t you be able to focus more if you could cut down on the tedious admin work? Things like scheduling, approving vacations and writing out staff contracts.

You’d free up time to focus on what matters – your business, your personal time, and your health.


Free your time with BrightHR

BrightHR lets you make and share schedules, approve vacations, track attendance, and manage expenses. And all from your computer or smartphone.

Just imagine never having to update another spreadsheet or deal with a mountain of paperwork. Instead, do it all online. And you’ll have access to guides on COVID-19 risks, health & safety measures, form templates, videos, employee checklists and so much more to help your business run smoothly.

Do more with less

Track absences with one click
Staff can use the BrightHR app to book vacation, sick, or personal time. You approve or decline their requests on your smartphone.

Plan, share, and update schedules
Then send them directly to your team. BrightHR instantly notifies you when your staff has seen their schedules, so you can trust they’ll be ready for their shifts.

Punch-in and out online
Get your team to punch-in and out using the Blip app. Know when they get in, leave, or take breaks on your phone. It’ll even remind staff to punch out when heading home.

Tracking expenses made easy
Managing payment, logging expenses, and getting back more at tax time has never been easier. Staff submits expenses in the app while you accept, reject, and export claims for easy tracking.

Enjoy unlimited secure storage
Don’t waste hours of your day searching through drawers and folders. Get your time back with secure and personal cloud-based storage for all your files.

Get your time back today

Running a business is hard work. And staying on top of all the paperwork and admin can be daunting and tedious. You should spend that time on making your business succeed.

Over 35,000 businesses use Peninsula’s BrightHR software every day to get their time back and use it to make their businesses thrive.

Contact our expert advisors today to see how BrightHR gives you the freedom to focus on the job you love, not on boring HR.

For more information about BrightHR, call our complimentary employer advice line at  1-833-247–3652

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