Human Resource Management

Manage all your employee data online with our award-winning HR software, BrightHR

This is how BrightHR works

BrightHR is an online human resource management software with a host of tools designed to make your life easy. BrightHR will help you: 

Manage staff absences with a phone tap 
Your employees use the BrightHR app to request for leaves. You approve or decline their applications with just a tap on your smartphone.  

Enjoy unlimited document storage space 
Don’t waste precious hours scouring filing drawers. Save time by securing your staff records in your personal, cloud-based storage space. 

Take the pain out of logging attendance 
Use Blip, our free mobile app for clocking in and out. Your staff scans a QR code using Blip when they come into work and leave for the day.  

Keep track of staff expenses 
PoP, our exclusive expense tracker app, is free for BrightHR customers. Say goodbye to saving paper forms, receipts and even calculating mileages. PoP’s mileage calculator will do it for you.  

BrightHR saves you time

BrightHR’s online tools make it easy to create and share shift schedules, approve staff leaves, expenses and track attendance.

With BrightHR, you say goodbye to maintaining complicated spreadsheets and tedious paper trails. You get unlimited and secure online storage for all your documents and files. And if you ever need a hard copy, just press print.  

It is the perfect software for working remotely as well. You can access BrightHR through your computer or download our free IOS and Android phone apps.   

BrightHR saves you money

Not only does BrightHR make human resource management simple, it is also very affordable.

You can enjoy its features and benefits for as little as $5.75 per employee per month. Whether you are a small team of 10 or a rapidly growing business, we’ll create a BrightHR package best suited to your business needs.  

This is why over 35,000 businesses trust BrightHR for their human resource management needs. 

Benefit from our back to work navigator tool

As you reopen your business after the COVID-19 lockdown, use our new tool to streamline your back to work processes.

Use our schedule planner to plan staggered shifts and notify your staff of changes in real time. Store your CEWS paperwork and letters in our unlimited cloud-based storage. Access the latest guidance on COVID-19 risk assessment, guides on health and safety, templates, videos and checklists with our new content library. 

For more information about BrightHR, call our complimentary employer advice line at  1-833-247–3652


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