Peninsula HR outsourcing

Human resources management covers an area so vast and complex that even a dedicated HR department can struggle to effectively handle every aspect of it. In fact, around 25,000 larger businesses now work with us by integrating Peninsula Business Services into their existing HR teams. The incredible wealth and variety of experience boasted by our HR experts means Peninsula clients are always satisfied, and are always in safe hands.

Small Business HR Services

Now, the Peninsula Small Business Package offers companies with five employees or less an invaluable opportunity. We will in effect become your own dedicated HR department, made up of experts in the field. For a fixed monthly payment that guarantees no extra costs, this package combines small business employment law advice with support in small business HR matters, including:

  • HR resources – Small business clients obtain access to our online resource centre. This tool stores your employment documentation, as well as a range of management tools for employee records and absence management. Business owners can also seek advice on any issues affecting them, even the most routine, bank holidays, sick pay, absence management, working time regulations we know these are the issues that really matter to a small business.
  • Health and safety policy management – HR duties such as managing a health and safety policy can be completed with confidence thanks to the support of Peninsula’s 24 hour employment law advice line. You will also be added to the mailing list for our biweekly newsletter, The Bottom Line Express, featuring news and legislation updates that could affect your health and safety policy management.
  • Bespoke HR documentation – Small Business Service clients will have a telephone appointment, at a time of their choice, with a Peninsula Employment Service Consultant. During the call, we will ascertain exactly what contracts of employment and management guides are required by your company. These bespoke, personalised documents are the basis for a strong employment policy.

Every small business is different, which is why most of these services can be accessed when they are needed, or are tailored for your specific needs.

Threefold protection

  • Firstly, we tackle the bane of any small business owner’s life – the paperwork. Our documentation service will provide you with bespoke contracts and easy-to-complete forms, personalised for your business. Keeping on top of the paperwork is crucial to any good employment policy, and is in fact the backbone of HR management. We will also review your current procedures, to see where time and effort can be saved.
  • Secondly, if the worst comes to the worst, Peninsula clients are protected by an employer indemnity package, included as standard in our HR outsourcing service. This insurance covers the cost of a Peninsula employment law specialist preparing your case and representing you at tribunal, as well as the potential award that is decided. The risk of a tribunal may be slight, especially when you have five or fewer employees; however, the limited resources of a small business mean it could be financially devastating. We like to think our small business clients are prepared for every eventuality.
  • Finally, for any pertinent question about your business, no matter how trivial it may seem, employment law advice is available 24 hours a day to Peninsula clients, big and small. Discuss best practice and find out how we can help you with managing holidays, sick pay, working hours, taking on new employees and more. The advice team is experienced in all aspects of HR, so you know your business is in safe hands, and contacting them is included in the cost of the small business package.

Invest in HR outsourcing with the Peninsula Small Business Package, and enjoy the advice and support of one of the UK’s leading providers of employment law services.

HR software and tools for any business

Although the Peninsula Small Business Service is only available to companies with five employees or fewer, we in fact offer HR outsourcing services for companies of all sizes. Whether you have no HR staff or a whole department, there are certain mundane administrative duties that you could do without. For a small business, HR outsourcing takes the strain off the owner’s shoulders, as they’re already so busy with overseeing growth and the day-to-day running of the company. Larger businesses will find that HR outsourcing enables their in-house specialists to spend more time on strategy, development, and of course, the human side of HR.

Our expert HR software takes care of absence management, health and safety responsibilities and employment documentation. But for other HR matters, clients can access a huge amount of specialist employment law advice. This can be obtained by simply browsing the website or the online resource centre, sending us an email, or calling the 24-hour employment law advice line to speak to one of our consultants.

However big or small your business might be, we’re here to ensure all the boxes are ticked and all your questions are answered as soon as they arise. This leaves you free to get on with what really matters, with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re behind you.