Employer Advice – How to use Mediation to Solve a Workplace Conflict

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Employer Advice – How to use Mediation to Solve a Workplace Conflict
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How to use Mediation to Resolve Workplace Conflict

Workplace disputes can be challenging to overcome and cause serious disruptions to an employee’s work flow, for both parties involved in the disagreement and surrounding staff.

HR tips: how mediation works

The purpose of employee mediation is to find a resolution to a difficult situation in the workplace. The discussion should be facilitated by a neutral mediator, who understands how to help work towards a solution that is acceptable to all individuals involved in the dispute. When it comes to handling workplace conflict with mediation there are four conditions, whereby the discussion is: 1) confidential; 2) informal; 3) voluntary; and 4) takes place in a safe environment. It is advised that an employer outlines these terms prior to proceeding with mediation.

Employer advice: When should you choose mediation for workplace conflict?

Mediation can help in a wide range of scenarios. Below are a few employee-related issues where the approach has proven helpful:

  • An offensive comment was made
  • A disagreement was formed over mistakes or a missed deadline
  • A dislike of organizational changes
  • A personality clash
  • Ongoing issues following grievance
  • Ongoing issues after a tribunal

The goal of mediation in the workplace is to provide a platform for those involved to formulate a written agreement or action plan, which covers behavioural expectations, working relationships, and the resolution as discussed together. Mediation is a proactive HR best practice to prevent legal challenges and encourage a positive working environment for all employees.

Do you need help with mediation in the workplace?

Peninsula offers professional mediation as part of our Employer Advice ServiceWe believe it’s good to talk it out. If you’re dealing with an ongoing workplace dispute and would like employer advice and HR tips to resolve those issues, call us today. We’re available 24/7 with complimentary advice in HR and employer advice. Let us help you find a direct solution to your problem.

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