Workplace Mental Health Trends in Canada - What New Data Reveals

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Many employees struggle with discussing mental health issues with their employers. Due to fear of missing out on promotions and other benefits, workers are more likely to stay silent about their problems. Peninsula Group’s Annual Global Client survey shows that there may be a shift in the way Canadian workers approach mental health with their employers. 

Conversations around mental health in the workplace are on the rise: Canada takes lead 

Our global survey analyzes the conversations around mental health in the workplace. There has been a 31% increase in employees being more open about mental health concerns. It indicates an increase in employers creating a safe space and providing the required resources for staff to discuss mental health in the workplace. 

 What are the mental health trends in Canada? 

Canada takes the lead (59%), followed closely by Australia (52%) on people speaking more on mental health concerns.  

The UK seems to be declining in mental health conversations, with a 4% decrease in employees speaking out about mental health issues. This decrease suggests a potential lack in employer support systems.  

 Where does Canada rank in work-life balance? 

The focus on work-life balance among Canadian employees has increased by 30%, while in Australia there has been a 41% increase. Balancing work with personal time is essential in giving people more time to focus on themselves and do what makes them happy.  

While on the other hand, work-life balance among UK employees has decreased by 10%, indicating rising work pressures and possibly unrealistic employer expectations. 

Does Canada have mental health days? 

Our data found that Canadian and Australian employers are most likely to offer mental health days in addition to personal leave entitlement than any other. In comparison, 83% of employers in the UK, 83% in Ireland, and 77% in Australia do not offer mental health days or plan to introduce them in the next 12 months. 

Canada taking lead on prioritizing employee mental health 

Canadian employers are miles ahead when it comes to workplace mental health, including work-balance, providing more support measures, and giving time off to staff. 

There seems to be a big push for employers to prioritize staff wellbeing. It’s important for employers globally, to be aware of the negative effects of poor employee mental health on the overall business success such as decrease in productivity and an increase in absenteeism.  

It’s important for businesses to remember that their employees are their biggest investment and what drives their profitability and success. So, creating a workplace that prioritizes employees by building a supportive work environment is crucial. 

Workplace mental health statistics in Canada  

From May 13th-20th 2024, Peninsula Group asked all global clients to complete a survey answering multiple choice questions related to mental health in the workplace. The results were gathered by individual country, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, and then collated to identify global trends as well as those in each individual country. 

The 2024 results were then compared to the 2023 results, giving Peninsula Group the ability to track changes year on year. This is the second year that the survey has run, with the same questions being asked each time. 

Do you need help creating a mental health policy for your business? 

Our certified advisors can help you create a mental health and employee wellbeing policy or assist with any other HR, health and safety, and employee wellbeing issue that may arise. Contact us to learn more about how our services can benefit your business at 1 (833) 247-3652

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