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HR services
  • Reducing TUPE risk

    Step-by-step guidance to navigate TUPE transfers

  • Watertight HR paperwork

    Bespoke TUPE letters and contracts, crafted by legal experts

  • Legal confidence

    Peninsula identifies areas of legal risk during TUPE transfers

The situation

SGN Ltd – a convenience store and petrol forecourt operator –  is a growing brand.

Expanding to 74 sites in just two years, the business is rapidly expanding. As part of this, SGN Ltd buys out existing forecourts and brings them under its ownership.

Which means that Trish - central operations manager - is responsible for the TUPE process. This is an important yet complex process, which protects workers' rights as they transfer to a new employer.

Trish needs to check that all new starters have the right working conditions. This is crucial, as workers could carry over illegal working practices from their previous employer.

So, if Trish doesn't intervene, the brand’s reputation is at risk...

The value

Whenever it’s time to tackle the TUPE process, Trish reaches out to her dedicated Peninsula consultant – Faye.

Faye guides Trish throughout the entire process. This can involve setting up meetings with the new employees, dealing with trade union reps, and identifying potential areas of risk.

And, when Trish needs to communicate new working conditions with employees, Faye will prepare all the relevant paperwork. Faye will draft out letters for Trish to share with new workers.

As Trish feels confident these letters cover everything from a legal perspective, she doesn't need to spend her time on paperwork - saving her both time and risk.

  • Documentation

    Trish saves time by outsourcing her TUPE paperwork to Peninsula.

  • Legal support

    Trish gets expert advice for when and how she should intervene during the TUPE process.

Someone writing with a pen in a return to work meeting.

“My adviser, Faye, will draft out a letter for me, which is really, really useful. Saves me a lot of time and, if it’s provided by Peninsula, I know it’s covered everything I need to say.”

- Trish / Operations Manager at SGN Ltd

How we helped

Above all else, Peninsula helps SGN Ltd hold onto its good name as it grows.

As the business expands, Trish has total confidence that all new staff have the correct working conditions and the right contracts. So, with no chance of breaching employment law rules, Trish doesn’t need to worry about putting the brand’s reputation at risk.

And with access to a 24-hour advice line, she never has to second-guess herself. Trish can relax knowing that her business is free from risk, at all times.  

My adviser is a safety net for me

“Very often, the staff haven’t got contracts or anything, so we go in under Peninsula's advice and do the first consultation. If anything comes up from the meeting, I go through it with my adviser Faye, to make sure we’re legal and we’ve got the right answers, basically. She’s a safety net for me.”

- Trish / Central Operations Manager at SGN Ltd

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