Keeping your dentistry safe and compliant

We support hundreds of dentists across the UK. And whether you’re dealing with tricky health & safety requirements or employee issues, we can help you, too.

So while our consultants free up your time and reduce your risk, you can focus on delivering excellent care.

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Getting health & safety right in dentistry

When you work in dentistry, managing health & safety is no small task. From using your equipment safely to keeping your premises spotless, it’s a huge part of your day-to-day role.

And as a medical provider, you need to take every step to protect your staff and clients from harm. That means making sure your equipment and premises are safe to use. It means properly implementing health & safety policies. And it means doing all you can to guarantee a safe visit for your clients.

Dentistry is full of regulations and requirements. Along with meeting HSE requirements, you also need to keep up with the standards set out by the General Dental Council and:

  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) – England
  • Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) – Wales
  • Care Inspectorate - Scotland

And when you deal with so many inspections, health & safety isn’t something you can afford to get wrong. We can support your risk assessments, create your health & safety policies, and provide 24/7 advice. It’s just what we do to keep your business safe and compliant.

The H&S consultant was extremely professional and knowledgeable in all areas and was willing to help us through our difficulties. He left us feeling very confident and we were very pleased with everything Peninsula has to offer. Will definitely be recommending the company to many others.

Christine Okwuosa – Practice Manager

Cherry Tree Dental Care

5 stars

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Our HR and health & safety services will help you save time and reduce risk:

On-site audit and risk assessment

Our qualified consultants will visit your dentistry and identify any hazards.

  • Practical advice – we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to stay safe.
  • Protect your clients – we’ll help you provide a risk-free service.
  • Be compliant – you can be confident your dentistry meets all the strict health requirements.

Policies and documentation

No matter how complex, we can write your HR or health & safety policies for you.

  • Clear guidance – have all the information you need to stay safe.
  • Free up your time – we’ll do all the time-consuming paperwork for you.
  • Protect your business – follow our watertight guidance and avoid legal disputes.

Annual reviews

Your consultant will make sure you’re up to speed with the latest guidelines.

  • Expert check-ins – make sure you meet the latest guidelines and requirements.
  • Yearly support – no matter how your business changes, we’ll make sure you’re still safe.

Time-saving software

Keep everything you need in one place with our secure software.

  • Time-saving tools – create risk assessments with step-by-step guides and templates.
  • Safe and secure – store all your documents in one place with our secure database.
  • Exclusive training – access e-learning courses to stay up to speed with health & safety.

BrightSafe health & safety app

Manage health & safety tasks on the go, wherever you are.

  • Check hazards immediately – upload images and see whether you need to act.
  • Stay on top of risks – review assessments on the go and set reminders.
  • Complete CPD courses – become accredited at a time that suits you.
  • Access expert advice – speak to our consultants in just a click.

24/7 advice service

Whenever you need HR or health & safety support, you can call our qualified advisors.

  • Unlimited support – no matter how many times you need us, we’re always here.
  • 24/7 helpline – we’re here every minute of every day.
  • UK-based consultants – we don’t outsource our support.

Asbestos support

We’ll help you remove the risk of asbestos in your premises.

  • We can carry out your Asbestos Management Plan on your behalf.
  • Or health & safety experts will talk you through your best course of action.

ISO compliance

We’ll make sure you meet ISO requirements – and we can help you become accredited, too.

  • ISO 45001 guidelines – so you never need to worry about failing a health & safety inspection.
  • ISO accreditation support – our consultants can help you with your ISO qualification.

Let BrightSafe do all the hard work

From supporting your risk assessments to providing you with expert advice, we’ll do the hard work. Instead of managing your health & safety in-house, you can save time and money with our unlimited support.

And when it comes to staying on top of things, BrightSafe makes life simple. You can create your own risk assessments with our handy templates and step-by-step guides. You can boost your skills with e-learning courses. And you can even contact our consultants at the tap of a button – whenever you need us.

We’ll handle your employee issues for you

When you’re so busy giving your clients a winning smile, you might not always have time to manage tricky HR issues.

That’s why hundreds of UK dentists trust us to handle their common employee issues:

  • Contract issues – is the workforce on the correct type of contract?
  • Dealing with locums and their employment status – are they self-employed?
  • Supporting employees with positive mental health
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Managing conflict between team members

Our HR experts can help you with any employee issue. With access to a 24/7 helpline, you can speak to a qualified consultant at a time that suits you. And it doesn’t end there – we can write your documentation and help you save time with our handy HR software.

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