BusinessWise: Combat Recurring Short-term Absence With BusinessWise

Peninsula Team

July 16 2010

Short, frequent and unplanned sickness absences can be incredibly disruptive to the operational effectiveness of a business. This can be a real headache for smaller enterprises since absences within a small workforce can have an even greater impact. As such it may be beneficial to take a specific approach to managing these issues within your workforce.

In human resource management, the Bradford Factor (or formula) can be used as a means of measuring this type of absenteeism. Using Bradford Factor scoring allows employers to look at recurring short-term absences in a fair, unbiased and uniform manner, rather than risking an arbitrary and inconsistent approach. Setting trigger-levels which prompt line managers to further investigate specific individuals records can help with this consistency; which can assist immensely in identifying a reasonable and fair approach by an employer, should a relationship with a member of staff turn sour.

To calculate an individual score for a member of staff the following formula is used (S x S) x D where S is the number of occasions of absence in the last 52 weeks; and D is the total number of days’ absence in the last 52 weeks.

For example:
- One single period of absence of 10 days: (1 x 1) x 10 = 10 points 
- Five absences of 2 days each: (5 x 5) x 10 = 250 points
- Ten absences of 1 day each: (10 x 10) x 10 = 1000 points

Complicated? It doesn’t need to be. Using the Absences Management function via BusinessWise means that the Bradford Factor scores are calculated for you. Based on the data you enter to your account, the Bradford Factor scores for each member of your staff are available via your BusinessWise ‘Absence Overview Report’ – not only saving you hours of work but also providing you with reliable information on which to base important staff management decisions.

With the assistance of the 24 Hour Advice Service, any issues you do identify through this method can be effectively and hopefully positively resolved. Your Advisory Team can talk you through the best-practice approach to take when dealing with matters relating to absenteeism and also assist you in maintaining a legally-compliant approach.

Absenteeism can sometimes be a symptom of more serious matters, affecting members of your workforce, and you should always remain mindful of the requirements of the Disability Discrimination legislation in place – again matters our experienced Advisors can discuss with you in order to best resolve the situation.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business. To find out more go to Click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.

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