Invest in staff wellbeing to better your business

Peter Done: Managing Director and Founder

July 31 2017

According to research by the Mental Health Foundation, one in six workers is likely to be dealing with a mental health condition right now. As an employer, that affects you. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Equality Act (2010), it falls under your duty of care to provide a wellbeing agenda within the workplace; to support staff experiencing mental distress, and to train managers and mental health champions to provide front line support. As well as the profound personal impact that mental health issues can have on employees and those around them, such problems can also have an impact on performance at work, leading to absence and drops in morale and productivity. Changes afoot It’s good to see that the tide is turning and things are improving; mental health awareness across society generally and within the workplace has transformed in the past ten years, with an emphasis on reducing stigma and offering easier access to specialised services. But far more remains to be done. Employers need to take direct action and to focus on creating and nurturing a mentally healthy workforce, to make a positive impact on their organisation’s culture. It’s a big responsibility for employers; it’s important you get it right. One way to do that is through an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) such as the one we offer via our sister company Health Assured. Research conducted by PWC showed that the introduction of a health and wellbeing programme increases employee satisfaction, reduces sickness absence, reduces staff turnover and improves productivity. Business improvements The data at Health Assured mirrors these findings; clients introducing the EAP report, on average, a 24% increase in productivity; a 39% improvement in staff performance; a 36% reduction in absenteeism; a 60-85% reduction in staff attrition due to personal reasons and a 78% improvement in staff morale. Powerful numbers. It’s not a complicated product, but it's highly effective. An EAP supports employees, entirely confidentially, with problems that might adversely impact their health, wellbeing or work performance. It includes short-term counselling and referral services. It provides unlimited access to telephone helplines, to help employees gain the tools they need to deal with a personal or professional problem, enabling them to take a positive and proactive approach to resolving issues. Benefits to you And the benefits for you, as an employer? The numbers tell their own story; an EAP can improve employee wellbeing; reduce absenteeism; increase staff retention and enhance the organisation’s reputation. It promotes your duty of care to your employees and emphasises your commitment to their health, wellbeing and safety. Simply put, an investment in your staff wellbeing is an investment in your organisation. Give us a call to find out more.

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