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The situation

Little Ones is a group of six Nursery and Out of School centres in Northumbria. Since joining Peninsula Little Ones has benefited greatly from our expert HR and employment law advice. Company Founder Kelly Owens explains how she first contacted our team following a series of issues with a member of staff "We’d always had a fantastic team spirit, but we took on an employee who almost single-handedly cost me my business". "After attempting to dismiss the individual for gross misconduct I was unfairly threatened with legal action, which became more and more aggressive. I was battling to save my reputation and business, whilst also trying to run our nursery day to day". "That’s when a friend recommended Peninsula".

What we did

Peninsula’s HR and Employment Law specialists worked quickly to reassure Kelly. The experience of working on many other complex HR and employment law cases proved invaluable. Within 24 hours a plan was in place, and was implemented with pinpoint accuracy. The claim was dismissed and Little Ones was put firmly back on track, knowing that staff related problems were now a thing of the past.

The result

Kelly explained her feelings after hearing that Peninsula could help "The relief was instant. The Peninsula team believed in me and more importantly could guide me through what had seemed an impossible challenge the night before". "Peninsula’s advice saved me thousands of pounds in legal fees and possibly saved my entire business too”". "With Peninsula behind me, I feel I can take on the world." Little Ones has been a Peninsula member for six years, and with our specialist HR and employment law support has grown smoothly from six to thirty six staff. If you want to find out how Peninsula could help you write your success story, then why not speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 028 2420.


Peninsula’s advice saved me thousands of pounds in legal fees and possibly saved my entire business too.

Kelly Owens

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