EAP & employee wellbeing

Protect your people’s health and wellbeing with an employee assistance programme (EAP). Because when your workers lead healthy lives, your business thrives.

Our service includes

Face-to-face counselling

24 hour telephone, email and live chat counselling

Occupational health assessments

Online health portal & app

Workplace wellbeing support

A day off helps your worker fight a cold. A week off helps them recover from a minor operation. But how much time fixes a family crisis, a damaging lifestyle or a mental health issue?

Peninsula’s EAP services help your people overcome their toughest life challenges and deliver their best every day. 

It includes 24/7 telephone advice, face-to-face counselling and a suite of online tools to help your workers stay happy and healthy. 

An EAP can reduce mental health related absence levels by as much as 45% and improve productivity by as much as 8%. And more importantly, it helps protect your staff.

Your complete EAP services

  • 24-hour employee assistance helpline

Your workers can call any time of day for professional help to overcome their personal problems.

  • Face-to-face counselling

Prefer to chat in person? Your staff can get up to six in-person sessions per issue per year with qualified counsellors.

  • Medical line

When your staff need urgent medical help, use the 24-hour helpline to speak to a trained nurse.

  • Online support

Access online resources to give your workers the tools to lead happy and healthy lives.

Your Employee Assistance Programme is delivered by UK-based experts and is 100% confidential for you and your employees.

Support for life’s toughest challenges

Alcohol. Drugs. Debt. Legal issues. Family issues. Housing. Childcare. Tax. Bereavement. Relationships. Domestic issues. Eldercare. General finance…

Life is complicated. Which is why we give you and your workers immediate, professional help on any personal issue, however serious.

And it’s why over 11 million people already rely on our employee support services to protect their wellbeing. Find out how you can too.

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