Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) products include all the benefits expected of an EAP, while adding value for employees through online health and fitness assessments and management, as well as Stress Audit and Management information to assist employers.

The Peninsula EAP provides peace of mind for employees, through the provision of empathic counselling and robust tax, legal and medical information services, together with an easy-to-use Online Health Assessment tool. The employer will benefit from significant cost savings, whilst having the opportunity to promote the additional benefits of a far superior EAP to staff.

Why introduce an EAP?

The average working week is 40 hours long, so many of your employees may find they spend more time at work than at home; some might even talk more to their colleagues and managers than to their family and friends. It therefore makes sense for employers to offer their staff support, and help look after their physical and mental wellbeing, through the framework of an EAP.

Your employees work hard for you. An EAP is one way of ensuring they can continue to do so. By combating stress and reducing absences, the Employee Assistance Programme could help drive efficiency and lower your costs in the long run. Furthermore, knowing they have the support of their employer in difficult times could improve employee loyalty and performance.

Give staff support in their time of need

Of course, it’s no use expecting an employee assistance programme to magically make your business a happy place to work. The employer has a duty – legal as well as moral – to prevent things like accidents, discrimination, workplace bullying and unfair treatment from occurring. Peninsula clients can access several services to complement the EAP, including:

  • Expert employment law advice, through the online resource centre or the 24-hour hotline
  • A review of your workplace safety policy, and the introduction of a bespoke health & safety management system
  • Employment law training for employers and managers, explaining how to adhere to the law while safeguarding the employer/employee relationship

The end result should be a safe workplace, fair treatment for all, and most importantly, happy employees.

Reasons for an Employee Assistance Programme

  • The only Provider to offer 8 sessions of Face to Face Counselling as standard, against an outdated market figure of 5 or 6
  • Health Assured include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) within the Face to Face Sessions
  • Online Health Assessments. A recent study showed that 30% of users felt significantly healthier, and had better lifestyle habits within just 90 days… impacting on productivity levels
  • Active Care. The only EAP to offer Day 1, proactive intervention for stress related absence – proven to reduce sickness absence and prevent litigation
  • In the UK it’s estimated that 11.4 million working days per annum are lost due to stress, anxiety and depression. And if you’re an employer in an SME, the impact of losing one employee to stress-related issues is disproportionately high. Early, pro-active intervention is shown to support the individual and positively influences an earlier return to work than would otherwise have been the case.
  • Evidence shows that using such a service can reduce absence by 34% on average and that 94.7% of employees return to work with 14 days following an intervention of this type. By providing this service to your employees, you increase the chances of nipping such problems in the bud at an early stage.
  • The EAP can also benefit you as an employer as it reduces absence costs and mitigates potential liabilities. It can help reduce grievances and issues in the workplace. It can improve productivity and workplace efficiency, decrease work-related accidents, improve staff turnover, staff morale and motivation and it demonstrates an enhanced duty of care as an employer.
  • According to the CBI, such a scheme is estimated to generate a staggering 14 times return on your investment as an employer. And traditionally, the SME market has been overlooked for this sort of scheme. Peninsula is the first company of our type to offer this to our clients as an added value service.