On-site HR Support Services

When you have a big HR problem that you don’t have time for, how much better would it be to have a solicitor or senior HR professional visit you and solve it within a day? Introducing Peninsula Face2Face, the on-site and in-person answer to the staff management problems keeping you awake at night.

Our service includes

Grievance or disciplinary meetings

Full investigations, consultations or appeals

Redundancy processes

Settlement agreement & mediation

96% cases solved in a day

Whatever your HR issue, free yourself from the pressure and pass it all on to us. We’ll give you clear, impartial and reassuring support to help you avoid a tribunal claim on cases including:

  • Grievance meetings
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • HR investigations
  • Appeals
  • Capability reviews
  • Medical capability reviews 
  • Redundancy consultations
  • TUPE consultations

Our quick, reliable and premium-standard service makes you confident that you’re safe, brings closure to a difficult time, and gives you peace of mind. Here’s how…

How it works for you

Although HR is complex, Peninsula Face2Face makes it easy. Our experienced consultants solve your problem in four simple steps:

  1. Arrange meetings and prepare you, so you know what to expect
  2. Visit your premises to chair or support you through the meetings
  3. Hold any necessary internal investigations
  4. Give you a positive outcome with full documentation

And, if you’re ever unsure about anything, your UK-based Face2Face point of contact is a phone call away. Start fixing your issue today with a free consultation.

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