UK Lagging in Mental Health Conversations: A Wake-Up Call for Employers

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Global mental health dialogue soars: UK falls behind

A recent global survey reveals a 31% surge in employees discussing mental health issues in 2024 compared to 2023, driven by increasing cost-of-living pressures, demanding work environments, and ongoing global conflicts. The world is waking up to mental health, but where does the UK stand?

UK's Decline in Mental Health Conversations

The UK is diverging from this global trend, with a 4% decrease in employees speaking out about mental health issues. This drop suggests a potential lack of faith in employer support systems.

Australia and Canada show significant increases of 52% and 59% respectively, highlighting a more proactive approach to mental health. Are these countries seeing a benchmark that the UK needs to follow?

UK's Decline in Mental Health Conversations

Work-Life Balance: UK Employees Struggling More

The focus on work-life balance among UK employees has decreased by 10%, indicating rising work pressures and possibly unrealistic employer expectations. Is the relentless pace of work in the UK compromising employee well-being?

Employees in Canada and Australia are making strides in prioritising work-life balance, with increases of 41% and 30% respectively. These figures suggest that fostering a balanced work-life dynamic is not only possible but beneficial

Work-Life Balance: UK Employees Struggling More

Work-Life Balance: UK Employees Struggling More

There's been a 49% increase in UK employees taking time off to care for family members with mental health issues, pointing to rising pressures and responsibilities outside of work. The cost-of-living crisis and global conflicts are likely exacerbating these stresses.

Canada reports an even higher increase of 84% in family care leave, potentially influenced by soaring interest rates. The UK's figures raise questions about whether current support measures are adequate

UK Employers: Time to Step Up on Mental Health

Canadian employers are three times more likely to take time off for mental health than their UK counterparts, with a 52% increase observed. This disparity suggests a need for UK employers to adopt a more understanding and supportive stance on mental health.

The proactive approach in Canada indicates a broader cultural acceptance and understanding of mental health needs. Can the UK learn from this and foster a more supportive environment for employees?

Canada's Leadership in Workplace Mental Health

Canada excels in multiple areas related to workplace mental health, including work-life balance, time off, support measures, and open discussions. This comprehensive stance sets a global standard.

The UK's more hesitant approach stands in stark contrast. Embracing similar initiatives could help UK employers support their workforce more effectively and improve overall well-being.

This press release highlights critical differences in how countries address mental health in the workplace, urging UK employers to reassess and improve their support systems to align with global best practices.


From 13-20 May 2024, Peninsula Group asked all global clients to complete a survey answering multiple choice questions related to mental health in the workplace. The results were gathered by individual country, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom, and then collated to identify global trends as well as those in each individual country.

The 2024 results were then compared to the 2023 results, giving Peninsula Group the ability to track changes year on year. This is the second year that the survey has run, with the same questions being asked each time.


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