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    What is a Health & Safety checklist template?

    A Health & Safety checklist is a document that covers all the duties you should complete to protect your staff against risk. You can tick off which steps you have completed.

    For example, a Health & Safety checklist might ask you:

    • Do you have a health and safety management policy?
    • Do you have trained first aiders in your workplace?
    • Do you have a system of accident reporting and recording?

    If you select ‘no’ for any answers, this helps you flag up potential safety risks within your business. You can then take steps to fix any gaps in your health & safety management.

    It gives you an idea of how compliant your workplace is, and whether you meet essential safety standards.

    You don’t need to create your own Health & Safety checklist. In fact, it’s better if you follow a pre-existing template from a trusted source.

    A Health & Safety checklist template is a pre-set list of questions which every employer should follow to reduce their risk. The template should set out a list of essential standards you need to meet to stay compliant with Health & Safety law.

    To download your own Health & Safety checklist template, fill out the form on this page.

    Why is a Health & Safety checklist important?

    Using a Health & Safety checklist helps you identify any urgent areas of risk in your business.

    You might realise that there are certain Health & Safety duties you aren’t currently carrying out. The checklist will highlight areas that you are doing well, and areas that need addressing.

    Ideally, you should complete your checklist and feel confident that you are correctly managing all aspects of Health & Safety correctly within your business.

    Having a good understanding of whether you are compliant or not is important. It helps you take the right steps to reduce risk and boost your protection.  

    What if I don’t meet all the requirements on a Health & Safety checklist?

    The checklist might reveal some critical areas of Health & Safety management that you aren’t currently meeting. In this situation, if you don’t create a plan to change that, you may be at risk of fines, HSE enforcement, or accident claims.

    However, following a checklist puts you at an advantage – because it highlights areas where you can fix compliancy issues before it gets to that stage.

    Understanding any gaps in your Health & Safety management means that you can take corrective action. This helps you prevent accidents and injuries.

    So, it’s important to use a Health & Safety checklist to flag up any areas of concern.

    To download your own Health & Safety checklist template, fill out the form on this page.

    How does an employer do a Health & Safety checklist?

    To carry out a Health & Safety checklist on your own, download a template from a trusted source. Then, work through the checklist and tick whether or not you meet the requirements on the list.

    Remember, you can download your own template at the bottom of this page.

    Or, for a more detailed understanding of your overall workplace risk, consider booking an external audit.

    With an external, a qualified consultant will assess your workplace and evaluate your overall Health & Safety management. They will review your premises, procedures, and policies. They will then provide in-depth feedback and advice to help you protect your business.

    Download your free Health & Safety checklist template

    With Peninsula’s free checklist, you’ll see whether or not you’re meeting essential areas of Health & Safety management.

    And if you identify potential flaws or hazards, Peninsula’s team of Health & Safety consultants are available to support you. So if you realise you aren’t fully compliant, you can claim free advice to plan your next steps.  

    Tap below to download your free Health & Safety checklist now:

    Health & Safety Checklist

    Check how safe your business is with your free Health & Safety template

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