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In this guide, we'll discuss Health & Safety software, its benefits, and how Peninsula can help with your workplace safety management.

The law requires UK businesses to provide a safe work environment. This means employers must thoroughly assess the risks of workplace hazards, create occupational Health & Safety policies, and implement safety practices. To do so, companies may use Health & Safety software.

Health & Safety software helps to ensure compliance with the law, streamline your business operations, and even increase productivity. Without it, you might fail to account for a workplace hazard. Consequently, your staff could suffer injuries.

In this guide, we'll discuss Health & Safety software, its benefits, and how Peninsula can help with your workplace safety management.

What is Health & Safety software?

Health & Safety software is a digital system (also known as a cloud-based software solution) that provides all the tools you need for effective safety management.

For example, some safety software solutions will inform you of updates to Health & Safety legislation. This will help you to remain compliant at all times, as well as prevent your employees from suffering an injury.

Does Peninsula offer online Health & Safety software?

Yes, at Peninsula we offer online Health & Safety software to help your entire organisation follow relevant legislation and maintain compliance requirements. Ultimately, we help you to create a safe place to work. For example, with our safety management software, you can:

  • Identify hazards in real time.
  • Identify trends within your safety management.
  • Access safety data sheets and safety information to help inform your policies.
  • Store all your important documents online.
  • Discover over 600 templates to use when creating policies, contracts or procedures.
  • Use our 24/7 advice line, whenever you need it.

No matter whether you're assessing risks at a hair salon, providing safety training to your construction apprentices, or considering what PPE to provide staff within your care home - our safety management software can provide you with everything you need at the touch of a button.

What are the benefits of using safety management software?

Your business can experience several benefits when using Health & Safety management software.

For example, most Health & Safety software can provide instant access to training records, incident reports, and safety policies. So you know you have a full audit trail of your compliance, should a random inspection occur.

Other benefits include:

Improves operational efficiency and productivity

Saving time and increasing productivity is one benefit of using safety management software. Health & Safety software streamlines your safety processes because everything you need is at your fingertips.

For instance, with Peninsula's safety software system, incident reporting has never been easier. If an accident at work occurs, you can record the incident securely within Peninsula's cloud-based system. Ultimately, it helps you to comply with your RIDDOR obligations.

Minimises risk and work-related injuries

Using Health & Safety software can also aid you when it comes to risk reduction at work. For example, with Peninsula's software, you can store the results of your risk assessments and details of reported accidents.

As a result, you can conduct investigations into your workplace safety to gain actionable insights quickly - which will help you to avoid future workplace injury.

Reduces company costs

Safety software might also benefit your business when it comes to saving money. Whilst paying to stay Health & Safety compliant might seem unnecessary, it can help you avoid the legal costs non-compliance typically results in.

For example, Peninsula's safety software allows you to report hazards whenever you spot them. Not to mention, you can use our safety data to identify common risks within your workplace. As a result, you'll be able to protect staff from being injured, which in turn, will reduce the chance of you facing legal costs.

Ensures legal compliance

By using Health & Safety software, you can be sure that you’re complying with important Health & Safety legislation.

For example, when using Peninsula's Health & Safety software, you can access 24/7 Health & Safety advice which is available 365 days a year. So, should a problem at work happen - and you need to take action immediately, we're always on hand to ensure your Health & Safety compliance.

How Peninsula can help you with your Health & Safety

At Peninsula, we offer unlimited support to protect both your and your employees' health and wellbeing. From risk management to wellbeing programmes - you can be sure your staff are protected at work, no matter the situation.

Our services include:

Risk assessment

If you choose to work with Peninsula, we can manage risk assessments for you. A qualified Health & Safety expert will attend your workplace or site, identify hazards, and guide you through the risk assessment in real-time.

Afterwards, you'll receive a personalised action plan to keep you and your staff safe. Not to mention, you can access a suite of online tools that'll keep your risk assessment up to date - even after we've gone.

Document management

Document management is key to upholding a safe workplace. The law requires employers to create a Health & Safety policy and keep records of training their staff partake in. Overseeing these documents can be stressful, especially if you misplace them.

At Peninsula, we can help you with your document management. Our team of Health & Safety experts will craft the policies you are legally required to create - saving you time on reporting and admin. Meaning, you'll have even more time to spend growing your business.

Mental health first aid training

Effective Health & Safety management means ensuring your staff have a strong level of safety awareness. This means they must be aware of:

  • How to protect themselves at work.
  • Hazards in the workplace.
  • Workplace safety processes.

One way to ensure this is to provide safety training courses - which should cover both mental and physical wellbeing.

Peninsula provides certified mental health first aid training. Over two days, you can discover how to spot signs of ill mental health in your staff. Not to mention, you can upskill your entire team. Meaning, you and your employees will be equipped to deal with any mental health crises at work that arise.

Employee assistance programme

Your staff will struggle to balance their professional and personal lives from time to time. And in times of personal struggle, it can be hard to protect their mental wellbeing. Which is why an Employee Assistance Programme might benefit your business.

Peninsula's EAP service will include 24/7 counselling, in-person therapy sessions, and a suite of online tools to help your workers stay happy and healthy. And, it will also aid you in providing successful Health & Safety management.

Provide a safer workplace with Peninsula

Want to find out more about promoting an effective safety culture at work? Contact us on 0800 028 2420 and book a free consultation with one of our Health & Safety professionals today.

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