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    Millions of employees face work-related accidents every year. By keeping a safe working environment, employers can protect the health & safety of their workers.

    Millions of employees face work-related accidents every year. By keeping a safe working environment, employers can protect the health & safety of their workers.

    Without it, you could face several consequences – from compensation claims to even business closure.

    Download our free health & safety policy template. And discover how to utilise a health & safety policy when managing risks in the workplace.

    What is a health & safety policy template?

    A health & safety policy template allow employers to commit to workplace health & safety. The policy outlines the:

    • legal requirements for managing health & safety;
    • who is responsible; and
    • how to execute the right control methods.

    All businesses that employ over five workers must have a written policy. But even if you employ less, it’s good business practice to have the policy in place.

    Employers must ensure that the company's health & safety policy is available to all workers. Newer versions should also be available and easy to access (especially after legal updates are added).

    Why do I need a health & safety policy?

    Millions of workdays are lost every year due to workplace injuries and accidents, according to HSE. Work-related illnesses not only have direct impact on a worker’s wellbeing, but also their quality of life.

    And added to this, it causes consequences to your business. Productivity, brand-name, and client rapport are also at risk – which are difficult to recover from quickly.

    Health & safety legislation

    All businesses must have a health & safety policy in the UK. They must legally comply to both:

    Both laws outline that all businesses must:

    • Identify health & safety risks to workers, customers, and people who could be directly affected.
    • Have effective control on risk prevention measures.
    • Have written health & safety policies and procedures
    • Provide information, training, and advice for keeping legally compliant.

    Consequences of ignoring health & safety laws

    Failure to comply with health & safety laws can lead to consequences falling on both individuals and the company.

    Employers could face sanctions like:

    • Fines and compensation pay-outs
    • Tribunal claims and imprisonment
    • Business disqualification and disruptions.

    Employees are also at risk, which can affect employee retention, wellbeing, and overall trust in the business.  

    What should I include in a health & safety policy?

    Employers have a duty of care towards their workers, ensuring health & safety is followed. Through a basic health & safety policy, you can avoid serious consequences for mismanaging workplace risks.

    The Health & Safety Executive covers three main categories for health & safety policies and procedures:

    • Statement of intent.
    • Responsibilities for health & safety.
    • Arrangement for health & safety.

    Statement of intent

    Your statement should outline a general policy on workplace health & safety. It should include methods for identifying and controlling health & safety risks at work.

    Employers, or an appointed senior person, should sign legal documents and review the policy at least on an annual basis.

    Responsibilities for health & safety

    Employers must list all the people who have specific responsibility for health & safety in your business.

    Document their names, job roles, and positions which qualify them for managing workplace health & safety.

    Arrangement for health & safety

    Outline all control methods used for workplace health & safety in your policy. And state details for your aims and objectives, like:

    Peninsula provides expert advice on health & safety policies

    The workplace can present a multitude of accidents and injuries. So, it’s important for employers to have health and safety practices – leading to positive business performance and employee morale.

    Peninsula can help introduce a health and safety at work policy perfect for your business. We offer expert employment health & safety advice. And also provide services on risk assessment and safety training.

    Peninsula clients also get access to 24/7 HR consultation for health and safety requirements. And if you are not yet a client, you can still enjoy free advice from one of our business experts. Simply call us on 0800 028 2420.


    Disclaimer: This template is provided ‘as is’ and Peninsula Business Services Ltd excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the template to the maximum extent permitted by law.

    Peninsula Business Services Ltd is not liable for any errors or omissions in the template and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. Use of the template is entirely at the risk of the User and should you wish to do so then independent legal advice should be sought before use.

    Use of the template will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the above terms.

    Health & safety policy template

    Millions of employees face work-related accidents every year. By keeping a safe working environment, employers can protect the health & safety of their workers.

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