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HR covers a lot of different role and responsibilities. Read our guide to learn what HR is, how it supports staff and when to hire HR for your business.

Access to human resources can help any business with employees.

Whether you employee one other person or an entire team of workers, you can only benefit having an HR representative within your business.

Technically, you aren’t required to have an official HR manager. But there are many policies you are required to have, which come under the remit of HR.

So, is it worth risking your business for? Without one, you could meet numerous risks to your business; more than you’d care for.

In this guide, we’ll cover what the role of HR in a company is. We’ll demonstrate human resources roles and responsibilities – helping you support your employees whilst under your care.

What is HR?

Human resources areis responsible for the workers in a business.

The main role of a human resources management is to handle the employees career lifecycle. Their tasks can range through several areas like, recruitment, career development, and performance management.

They can either be a singular officer/manager, or an entire fleet of professionals. But all generally have the same objective – keeping your business compliant and managing your workers.

Why do you need a HR department?

Confidently running your business and employees is a big ask for one person. That’s the purpose of HR departments; they take the management role off your hands. Without one, employers will have to think about whether your business:

  • Has legal compliance.
  • Follows good business practice.
  • Operates the way you desire.

What does the human resources (HR) department do?

There’s a lot of things you need to do as a business owner, and you risk making mistakes if you try to do it by yourself. Even basic HR duties from employee rights to onboarding – they can all be difficult business areas to manage alone or on a daily basis.

The role of a HR department is to manage your employees’ needs as well as your business’s. So, access to a HR department means having someone take on shared responsibility.

Here is a list of HR roles and responsibilities:

  • Recruit qualified and talented candidates.
  • Process payroll.
  • Manage employee performance and disciplinary.
  • Update documentation and policies.
  • Maintain employee records.
  • Manage finances and benefits.
  • Provide career growth (learning & development).
  • Business succession planning.
  • Human Resources Information Systems.
  • HR data and analytics.

When does a business need HR?

Having a HR department isn’t a legal business requirement. But it can help with your employee management; allowing you to focus on other parts of your business. In general practice, you may need a HR professional if you’re:

Dealing with employment disputes

The more employees you have, the greater the risks of employment disputes. Human resources responsibilities can range from discrimination claims to contract issues.

These can prove to be lengthy and difficult to deal with, without a clear understanding. And if you mismanage these cases, the consequences can be detrimental. You risk facing tribunal hearings, compensation fees, and losing good employees.

Business is expanding quickly

As your team grows, you’ll meet more and more requirements to run your business correctly. The method for business success must be in line with treating your employees well.

HR can make sure all employees are fairly, to not only avoid possible legal issues but to provide the best career opportunities for them. And from their development and productivity employees ultimately benefit, too.

Required to meet legal compliance

Meeting all your legal obligations can be difficult to manage alone. Learning which laws apply to your business, keeping up with changes - they can prove complicated and time-consuming.

A HR representative can handle all sorts of legal situations. And keep your business up to date with legal compliance.

How does HR support employees?

If you decide to appoint a HR manager, there’s a lot to consider. It’s not only legal matters they specialise in. They can help create a healthy work environment and support employee wellbeing.

This summary of HR functions can help you providing employee support:

  • Have clear terms on workplace ethics, culture, and environment.
  • Outline job speculations for potential new candidates.
  • Keep all documentation, policies, and procedures compliant.
  • Keep your business hierarchy and departments clearly drawn.
  • Provide employee support (for personal emergencies, wellbeing, career growth).

Expert support on HR with Peninsula

Providing HR support for your employees whilst juggling your business is a big ask. By introducing a HR representative, they can take the burden of meeting legal and ethical responsibilities for you.

Which in turn can keep your employees feeling supported and encouraged to reach out when they need help.

Peninsula provides expert advice and services on the role of human resources in a business. We also offer 24/7 HR consultation and employment advice – anywhere, anytime.

Our expert HR consultants are fully trained, UK-based, and are always ready with support for all your employee needs and HR responsibilities.
And if you’re not yet a client, you can still enjoy free advice from our specialists. Simply call us on 0800 028 2420.


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