Five reasons you should hire a summer intern

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World Youth Skills Day is coming up and the message is as clear as ever: get young people to equip themselves with the skills they need for success. And you can help them on their way…

During the summer break, young people are often looking for ways to earn extra money and grow their skillset. This is why many businesses decide to bring in a summer intern. It gives someone the chance to get their foot in the door, but the benefits extend to you too.

If you have doubts about hiring a summer intern, here are five reasons why you should do it…

1. They take the stress off your staff

Hiring an intern is a great way to take the stress off your permanent staff.

Your intern should be eager to learn and throw themselves into the work, so you can give them jobs that would normally sit with your main staff.

During the summer months, this is typically the time when staff will be taking holidays. With an increased number of absences, an intern can relieve the pressure on your business and your staff by taking on some of their workloads.

This makes things less stressful for you too, knowing you have extra support during one of the busiest periods of the year.

Plus, another pair of hands to share the workload reduces the risk of your staff burning out or stressing about meeting deadlines, making it more likely for workers to feel happier and more refreshed overall.

2. They could be a future employee

When it’s time to hunt for new staff, your intern could grow into a ready-made applicant – who already understands your business.

It saves you time by cutting out the adjustment period you might have with a new starter.

And even if your intern doesn’t currently have the skillset needed to be a full-time employee, you can help them ‘grow’ into the position. That way when you’re ready to hire, they’re ready too.

3. There’s no commitment

With a summer internship, there’s no long-term commitment. It just gives you more options.

Once the summer ends and you know your intern is looking for work, you might want to hire them on a full or part-time basis.

However, if you didn’t feel they were the right match for your company, you’re under no obligation to keep them on.

See it as an opportunity to test whether you’re a match. A trial period. So, even if it doesn’t turn into employment, you’ve still given someone the benefit of gaining experience.

4. They bring a new perspective

It can be easy to get stuck in a pattern of doing the same things without keeping up to date with the latest industry trends.

An intern can bring that fresh, new perspective to your business. They may be brimming with ideas on how to develop your business strategy and create more opportunities for you.

And it’s useful to be open-minded and welcome these ideas.

Your intern might be extremely tech-savvy and as the world becomes increasingly digital, you may find that you can massively benefit from the skills and insights they have to offer.

5. They can boost brand awareness

Your intern can boost awareness of your brand by spreading the word about your company.

Companies that offer internships tend to create a positive image. Others will see you as an employer who creates equal opportunities and wants to help young people progress in their careers.

Your interns are likely to share information about your company on social media, which can help you cast a net out to a whole new audience of potential customers. You might also see an increase in the number of applications for other job postings and internships you offer.

Thinking about hiring? Get support onboarding new staff

There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to hiring an intern and you want to maximise the benefits for both parties. So, if you’re thinking about taking someone on but aren’t sure where to start, your HR experts are on hand to help.

Whether it be recruitment support or a staff issue, as a Peninsula client you enjoy unlimited HR advice to help you on the path to success.

Together, we’ll help you and your new hires feel confident in your business goals, whatever they might be.

And if you’re not yet enjoying Peninsula’s services, give us a call on 0800 029 4388 for free expert advice.

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