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    No employer enjoys making redundancies. However, when you make them, it’s important to get the process right.

    No employer enjoys making redundancies. However, when you make them, it’s important to get the process right.

    Failure to provide proper notification could cause a claim of unfair dismissal. They can fine you up to £22194 for this, depending on their service and what the court decides is just and fair.

    Part of ensuring a proper process is sending the redundancy consultation process letter.

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    Invite to redundancy consultation letter

    You should distribute the first consultation letter for redundancy to employee representatives to begin the consultation process. This notice of redundancy consultation letter should contain the following information:

    • The reason for the proposed redundancies
    • The number and description of employees proposed for redundancy
    • The total number of employees of any such description employed at the establishment(s) in question
    • The proposed method of selecting the employees who may be dismissed
    • The proposed method for carrying out the dismissal; and
    • The proposed method of calculating any redundancy payments i.e. a statement that statutory payments will be made or that a contractual scheme will apply.
    • The number of agency workers you have under your supervision and control, where they are working and the type of roles, they are performing for you.

    Following the distribution of this, hold meetings to discuss the information in more detail. Fair consultation will involve giving the affected employees a fair and proper opportunity to understand and consider the matters they are being consulted on and to discuss any concerns or express their views.

    Invite to final redundancy consultation meeting letter

    When you have reached the stage where the consultation process is ending, issue a final redundancy consultation meeting letter to employee representatives.

    The letter inviting the employee to final redundancy consultation meeting should again outline what you have discussed and what further issues you will address at the meeting.

    You should also clarify that this will be the final meeting and that the consultation process is ending.

    When you have completed the collective consultation, you will need to confirm this in a letter and move to the next stage of individual consultation, which involves inviting relevant employees to individual meetings. From here, you can serve notice of termination.

    Download your redundancy consultation letter example

    When sending the first letter inviting representatives to a consultation meeting, it is important you are aware of the strongest redundancy consultation letter template in the UK.

    The below provides a basic redundancy consultation letter template, inviting employee representatives to an initial consultation meeting.

    At risk of redundancy letters are among the first steps to take when considering redundancies. These inform your employees and provide insight with your consideration process.

    Using at risk of redundancy letter templates makes these early stages easier for employers. This, in turn, helps any employees being considered for redundancies.

    The following at risk of redundancy letter template applies to UK businesses only. If you are outside of the UK, different rules and regulations may apply.

    You can download our sample termination letter by entering a few details below.

    After that, you just need to add the employee details to the template, and you have a termination of employment letter ready to use.

    Peninsula can help with more than just a job at risk of redundancy letter template. Our redundancy legal advice can help at every step of the selection process. For specific, specialised assistance, you can call our experts at 0800 028 2420

    Disclaimer: This template is provided ‘as is’ and Peninsula Business Services Ltd excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the template to the maximum extent permitted by law.

    Peninsula Business Services Ltd is not liable for any errors or omissions in the template and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. Use of the template is entirely at the risk of the User and should you wish to do so then independent legal advice should be sought before use.

    Use of the template will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the above terms.

    Redundancy Consultation Letter Template

    No employer enjoys making redundancies. However, when you make them, it’s important to get the process right.


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