Mediation in the Workplace

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Would a mediation service help you resolve a workplace dispute?

As a business owner or manager, we understand how much of an impact a dispute can have on your business. But what if we told you that you can access professional support to help find a resolution between the parties involved?

Peninsula offers professional mediation as part of our Employment Law service – an informal process based on the premise that ‘it’s good to talk’.

When should you choose mediation?

As you’re no doubt aware, a little conflict can be positive if it leads to a sense of healthy competition and improves performance. However, it can also be negative, impacting on relationships in the workplace and creating disruption.

Mediation can help in a wide range of scenarios – here are a few examples:

  • A comment made by one party that caused offence to another
  • A disagreement regarding the cause of a mistake or missed deadline
  • An unsuccessful promotion attempt creating disappointment and bitterness
  • A personality clash
  • Ongoing issues after a grievance procedure
  • Ongoing issues after a tribunal

How can a mediator help you?

The mediator, usually alongside two co-mediators, brings together employees in dispute and facilitates an in-depth conversation in a safe environment.

Adopting active listening and questioning techniques, they will:

  • Allow the parties to feel ‘listened to’, so they feel comfortable, able to talk freely and assured that their feelings matter
  • To ensure that all parties actively listen to the others’ point of view, thereby enhancing communication between them

The mediator is totally impartial, and won’t offer an opinion, take sides or suggest a resolution.

Their aim is to provide a platform for those involved to formulate a written agreement or action plan which covers future behaviour, enabling them to improve their working relationship.

Ready to find a resolution?

If you have employees who don’t seem to be able to get along and they’re willing to talk it over, please call us on 0800 028 2420 – our mediation service is 100% confidential.

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