Unlimited 24-hour Health & Safety Advice

Your health & safety advice line is always open to keep you, your people and your business safe—all day, every day.

Our service includes

Specific query specialists

Accident management

Helping you manage your health & safety risks

Your courage to take risks makes you a success. It lets you hire new staff, launch new products, and invest in your business. It may even be the reason you have a business in the first place. 

But when it comes to health & safety, you know it’s not worth taking risks. And with Peninsula’s 24/7 health & safety advice line, you never need to.   

When you spot a hazard at work, if an accident happens on your watch, or even if you just feel uneasy about a situation, pick up the phone and call our team of health & safety experts.

You get instant advice on how to overcome any health & safety challenge, any time of day.


Speak to a UK-based expert, any time of day

Always ready to take your call

You can call us first thing on a Monday, last thing on a Friday, or at 03:30 on Christmas Morning. We’re always open to give you the advice you need.

Unlimited calls, unlimited support

Manual handling training. Fire safety. Health & safety laws. Accident reporting. Whatever challenge you face, we’ve got the answers you need.

UK-based health & safety experts

Our team is UK-based, with qualified experts who listen to you carefully and offer clear, practical advice to help protect your business.

Speak to an expert

Find out how our health & safety advice line frees you from stress and makes your life easier.

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