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Avoid tribunals and save money with our early conciliation experts

Settlement support for SMEs

When an angry worker makes a tribunal claim against you, ACAS could give you the chance to reach an early conciliation settlement…

But should you settle, and how much for? If you pay out, could the case still go to tribunal? And would you be better off fighting the claim instead?

Peninsula gives you the answers.

UK-based early conciliation experts

Our legal experts review the facts of your case and speak to ACAS on your behalf.

We work out the strength of the potential claim and can help to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

If a one-off payment is the most cost-effective option, we create a watertight agreement between you and your worker to end your dispute.

But if we think it’s better to go to tribunal, we tell you. And as a client of Peninsula, we can help fight your case to give you the best chance of success.

So whatever choice you make, rely on us to make your case as painless as possible.

ACAS early conciliation explained

Before your worker makes a tribunal claim, they must tell ACAS. Otherwise, their claim can’t go any further.

The early conciliation process then involves exploring a settlement that both parties are happy with. If you can’t agree to settle, the case can go to tribunal.

Peninsula only advises business owners and employers, so you know we have your best interests at heart.

And with our expert team behind you, you have decades of employment law experience to get the outcome you’re after.

Find out more about how we can help you. Call 0800 028 2420 now.

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