What is the service?

Night and day, every day of the year, BusinessSafe clients have telephone access to a BusinessSafe consultant.


Yes, 24 hours a day, every day including Public and Bank Holidays.

What does the service deliver?

The service offers you and your management team the opportunity to deal with their Health & Safety issues as they arise, giving them the confidence to act quickly and confidently to resolve the situation. Our Health & Safety service is confidential, and calls are treated with absolute discretion.

For your protection, the calls will be recorded and calls can be made at any time. If it’s required, a confidential and comprehensive report can be prepared for you with details of all the requests for Health & Safety advice and information that have been made across an organisation. Using the report, senior managers can monitor health and safety trends, patterns and issues as they occur within the company.

The report will also provide a helpful and supportive paper trail in the event of an investigation or enforcement action by the Health & Safety authorities.

Will the person who answers the phone be competent?

The 24-hour Health & Safety advice service is managed by a team of BusinessSafe Consultants with the same level of professional qualification as our team of field health and safety consultants; all are qualified and competent holding membership of recognised professional bodies. They all have practical experience of working in a range of industries and with a wide selection of businesses, which allows them to deal with your questions in a sensible and pragmatic way.