HR Services

  • HR advice

    If an employee puts clients in danger, get step-by-step advice to tackle conduct breaches – quickly and fairly.

  • Audits

    Care experts will review your workplace and policies to check you’re meeting CQC standards.

  • Documentation

    Expert policies, procedures, and employee handbooks to keep your workforce in line with essential CQC standards.

  • Software

    Manage absence, track overtime, and have staff clock in and out – even if they’re out working in the community

Health & Safety support to maintain your CQC-compliance

Managing Health & Safety isn’t easy… especially if you work in care.

To maintain your CQC compliance, you'll need to carry out regular Health & Safety risk assessments. And if you spot anything that could put your clients or staff at risk, you’ll need to act fast. There are specific guidelines set out by the following UK care bodies that you need to abide by:

  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England
  • Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) in Wales
  • Scottish Care.
  • HSE standards

That's why so many care providers turn to Peninsula for:

  • Specialist risk assessment guidance
  • Workplace audits and reviews
  • Personalised advice
  • Expert Health & Safety policies

So, spend less time worrying about rules, regulations, and paperwork and more time working on what really matters — delivering high-quality care. Contact Peninsula today for 24/7 Health & Safety advice.

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"Without Peninsula, we’d need to pay for a full-time HR administrator..."

As a CQC Registered Manager at Tania Brown Ltd, Janette is responsible for making sure her staff deliver care to strict care standards. If they don’t, the business could lose its regulation – and put clients in serious danger.

So, if staff ever fall short of these standards, Janette needs to act fast. But without giving employees a fair disciplinary process, Janette could face a grievance or tribunal claim…

That's why Janette Wynn outsources her HR to Peninsula. With documentation support and speedy advice, she can quickly and decisively tackle cases of misconduct - helping her stick to essential CQC standards.

Read more about Janette's story:

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Why care providers trust Peninsula

If you work in care, you’ll know how important CQC standards are…

One breach could result in poor ratings or even closures.

It’s why Peninsula employs a team of CQC experts who understand the specific guidelines you face. In fact, care professionals have exclusive access to a team of dedicated care-based specialists.

So, when you follow Peninsula’s HR or Health & Safety advice, you can be confident you’re acting within vital CQC guidelines.

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When we acquired a new care home...

When we acquired a new care home, I carried out a mock CQC inspection. When I did this, I realised the extent of the problems there. Thankfully, we were already on board with Peninsula when we started spotting some of the difficulties.

- Rob Baillie / Head of Operations at Cartwright Care

Helping UK carers deliver safer support

Care homes and carers all across the UK trust Peninsula to stay safe and stress-free...

  • A group of women in uniform.
  • Peninsula Group Limited - Peninsula client Rob Baillie smiling at the camera
  • A Peninsula client.
  • A group of women in uniform.
  • Peninsula Group Limited - Peninsula client Rob Baillie smiling at the camera
  • A Peninsula client.
  • A group of women in uniform.
  • Peninsula Group Limited - Peninsula client Rob Baillie smiling at the camera
  • A Peninsula client.

Peninsula helps me make sure that everything's being done correctly, that it's being done efficiently, properly, to make sure that there's nothing that comes back on us

Nicola Crawford / Assistant Manager

Assisted Services

  • Community-based care
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