Here’s what I know: resignations will rocket in 2022

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

January 12 2022

Resignations always rise in January.

As workers head into the new year, they reflect on big changes they’d like to make in their life. But this year, staff departures are set to rocket like never before – with many referring to the phenomenon as the ‘Great Resignation’.

In fact, our advisers have already seen a 17 per cent increase in resignation-related queries compared to this time last year. And recent surveys show that a huge 3 in 4 workers plan to hand in their notice in 2022.

Given the challenges we’ve faced over the last two years, it’s perhaps no surprise. Many of us have totally different priorities since the first lockdown began – so your staff may be looking to set up their own business or change their career.

To an extent, it’s inevitable.

But that doesn’t mean your business should suffer as a result. Instead, turn this so-called ‘Great Resignation’ into a ‘Great Opportunity’ to bring new talent into your workforce.

After two years of tough restrictions, it’s likely that your business has changed in some way or other. If your employees have found an opportunity elsewhere, take it as a chance to introduce fresh skills that power your business in a new direction.

And as we move into 2022, it’s also your chance to take stock and reflect on the past two years.

Many people have stepped up and really shown their worth in recent difficult times. Good employers need to recognise that and reward them. Otherwise, staff may become disillusioned.

So, treat your staff right, give them opportunities to grow, and, crucially, let them know that you appreciate them.

This could mean launching a retention scheme that rewards loyalty or giving staff the chance to progress.

Here at Peninsula, we’ve strengthened our top management team, promoted from within, and introduced a “SuperCoaching” programme to provide the best opportunities to grow and learn.

By prioritising your employees’ mental health, alongside offering attractive benefits and wages, you’ll reap the benefits. Not only will this help you hold onto your best workers, but you also make your company an appealing prospect for job hunters.

Having a positive reputation as an employer means you will fill any vacancies in no time.

And when that time comes, our advisers are here to help. From crafting contracts for your new starters to giving you advice to keep them onboard, we’re here for you and your workforce – however it may change in 2022.

Call your consultants on 0844 892 2772 to get confidential and expert advice today. 

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