Conduct versus capability

09 July 2019

Conduct at work is a different issue to that of capability. Capability is when an employee is unable to attain expected standards of performance due to a lack of skill, health, ability, training etc. Conduct relates to a person’s behaviour at work not reaching the required standards. The key difference is the level of control an employee has over the situation. When it relates to capability, the employee may be trying as hard as they can but simply cannot reach the expected standards. However, with regard to conduct issues, the employee could perform better but for whatever reason is choosing not to do so. Some of the behaviours that may lead to a charge of poor conduct at work may include: theft, corruption, drinking or drug abuse at work, abusive behaviour, leaking confidential documents or information, misuse of computers, lack of punctuality, poor presentation, unauthorised absence, inappropriate conduct with other members of staff during office hours or outside work hours that impacts on the employee's job etc.

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