Supporting staff through menopause

It's never been more important to take menopause seriously. 

As the percentage of workers over the age of 45 continues to soar, so does the number of menopause-related employment tribunals. That's because many people don't feel their employer does enough to support them on the job.

When you understand how menopause affects your staff, you can take the right steps to prevent long-term absences or resignations. And when you know the potential danger of not taking these steps, you'll know how to reduce legal risk. 

So, don't let resignations, absences, and legal risk damage your business. Learn how to create a safe and supportive environment with your free guide. 

Download your free guide and discover how to... 

  • Carry out a menopause risk assessment to reduce discomfort and absences
  • Show your staff you take menopause seriously with a dedicated policy
  • Understand how common menopause symptoms can impact your staff
  • Avoid legal risk by upholding your duty of care

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